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Hello, I've been considering a bbl for over a year...

Hello, I've been considering a bbl for over a year now, and finally have some support! I am 30 y.o, I'm 5'5 and my weight fluctuates between 160-165lbs. I hav a 2 1/2 year old son, delivered via c-section. Before starting any blog, I did my research and decided on dra Duran due to her extraordinary results. I just have a few remaining questions before booking a flight (which prices go up the closer I get to my goal date!)
I like to exercise, but when I do squats, my butt goes completely flat. I don't want to lose fat after I get my bbl. should I exercise after/before my sx? I was also quoted $3800 for just lipo and bbl? What if I want to add arms? How much does Duran charge for that? And how do I go about booking my flight and asking Duran when her availability is? Which goes first? Cuz she doesn't answer me until after 2 weeks or so

booked flight!

i booked my flight today. my husband, son and i are going to the DR mid march! pretty excited but now i have to start gathering my supplies and check my bloodwork again. hemoglobin was 12.9 about a month ago. i will eventually build up the courage to post pre op pics
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hey, hows everything going? still planning on the sx for march? im going to Duran 3/14 so may see you there!
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Oh and about the exercising, I read from another RealSelf doll that at her consult with Dr. Jimmerson, he recommended that she stop lower body exercises, stating that the a soft butt is more ideal than a firm toned one for the fat transfer.  She continued with only upper strengthening workouts and walking or something like that.  I can't remember her name, but you can ask her staff about this also.   Another thing you might want to try is to translate your correspondence to Spanish. I heard she likes clear and to-the-point emails.  Good luck :)
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Welcome!! All I can recommend is to keep calling her and keep emailing her.  Call her office and speak with her staff, who I'm sure will be able to give you the price to add lipo of the arms.  As far as booking your flight, do not do it until you have your date confirmed with her office, which her staff can also do on her behalf.  You don't want to be stuck with having to pay to switch flights if you don't get the date you need.  Then follow up with an email to confirm the price and surgery date.  
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thank you, very helpful info!
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You are very much welcome :) 
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