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Hello, I've been considering a bbl for over a year...

Hello, I've been considering a bbl for over a year now, and finally have some support! I am 30 y.o, I'm 5'5 and my weight fluctuates between 160-165lbs. I hav a 2 1/2 year old son, delivered via c-section. Before starting any blog, I did my research and decided on dra Duran due to her extraordinary results. I just have a few remaining questions before booking a flight (which prices go up the closer I get to my goal date!)
I like to exercise, but when I do squats, my butt goes completely flat. I don't want to lose fat after I get my bbl. should I exercise after/before my sx? I was also quoted $3800 for just lipo and bbl? What if I want to add arms? How much does Duran charge for that? And how do I go about booking my flight and asking Duran when her availability is? Which goes first? Cuz she doesn't answer me until after 2 weeks or so

booked flight!

i booked my flight today. my husband, son and i are going to the DR mid march! pretty excited but now i have to start gathering my supplies and check my bloodwork again. hemoglobin was 12.9 about a month ago. i will eventually build up the courage to post pre op pics
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