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I had tummy tuck and lip with walkiris but now i...

I had tummy tuck and lip with walkiris but now i am looking for my second round; with Dr Agustina Hilario Furan..I am more than ready and excited to get my Breast augmentation and Brazilian butt lift...Duran is a monster!!! She is one of the best I hope she could give me the shape that I am looking for.
Best of luck to you!! I'm getting a bbl with breast lift w/implants with Duran on nov 5! Less than 2 months away. Can't believe it! :)
Thank you!! I am so excited to get my surgery done; but at the same time kind of scare but happy; Good luck and I will be following you progress when the time gets closer...
Do you end up with lots of stretch marks after the tummy tuck and if so what did you use?


Wish pics!!!
Hey! I am getting surgery the beginning of April too. Do you have a buddy?
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