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I'm 32 and have 2 kids. I have always been teased...

I'm 32 and have 2 kids. I have always been teased about my flat backside. Clothes don't fit. I always hated going shopping for pants because none of them fit. My butt is not completely flat but pretty close. Fat deposits everywhere except on my back side. I always feel self conscious about it. Now after 2 pregnancies my body has changed and not for the better. I just want a round ass, small or big, doesn't matter.
I'm planning on having a BBL done at the end of this year with Dra. Baez. She seems to really stress health and the most important thing for me is coming back alive.
I'm really looking for suggestions from girls that have had the procedure or are planning on having it.
Let the fun begin!!!

My pre-op photos

I'm 122lbs, 5'3. I was never really satisfied with my figure but I'm very dissatisfied with it after 2 pregnancies.

I got a quote from Dra. Baez for $2,800. I'm also talking to other doctors in DR and the states. I'll keep updating my doctor shopping progress.

I would like to get a curvier body. I'm thinking of a BBL and a BA. Lipo of the inner thighs.


As you can see my butt if pretty much non existent. I even have a dimple on it. I have fat in all the wrong places. My butt has about as much projection as my belly. I should have enough to be transferred. I really don't want to gain any weight. I'm planning on being around 115lbs after this surgery. I want to be skinny everywhere except butt/hips/boobs. I'm sure this is what most of us want.
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Thanks. I've been in contact with Dr. Ortega. I like his work. I have been reading your journal and love your results.
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I honestly will tell you DR is worth everthing and especially my loving Dr Fragoso Baez
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Yeah. I'm debating between her and Dr. Ortega in FL. Difficult choice.
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Welcome to RS! Happy healing! Are u going to post pics bcz that wld be great to have other choices than our top five options that we do have in the USA thus far ? Best wishes on your recovery !
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I'm planning on posting pre-op pictures soon. I'm only at the beginning stages of this ride. My friend works at a Beauty Solon and regularly sees patients that had a BBL done. She said that the butts done in DR are so much better than the ones done in the US. I'm considering DRA Baez cuz she seems most involved in your health.
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I've been obsessed with this site for a while. After having 2 kids I don't feel good about my body at all. I know that will change when I get the BBL and possibly a BA.
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Great choice! However if u do ur research a lil bit deeper there are some GREAT PS N THE USA that are throwin the D.R PS out of the game in total Heath Care(survival rate), projection and recovery! The d.r is raising there prices to meet the USA and their not giving much projection ! Chk out instagram on some PS! Best wishes too u !
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Who do you recommend here in the states? Number one is my health. I also don't have 10k for this surgery. Thanks for your comments!!!
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Dr. Fisher n Miami isn't that high! Dr. Ortega isn't , dr. Salama and Cortez are slightly under 8999.00 u have to do some calling around.
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