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Hello Ladies! I have finally decided that I...

Hello Ladies!

I have finally decided that I am having my BBL this year! I have been looking at this site and many others since 2011. Something has always come up and I put me on the back shelf. But not this time, I'm doing it.

I have chosen Dra. Yily de los Santos! She is the best woman for the job.
I sent her an email on April 4 she responded on the 10, I replied back and she responded on the 14 with my quote, instructions for deposit and important info I will need for surgery. So far so good.

She has recommend a Tummy Tuck, but to be honest I am not sure I want a TT. My skin seems pretty tight to me, after 3 kids no stretch marks!! but she said after the lipo, I may have some loose skin. Ladies tell me about this, my skin does keloid don't want a big Keloid on my tummy!!!!!!

About me:

I have three children/hubby/job the usual. I am happy with my life in general- just want something for me. I have always been told I am very beautiful, but you know cute face/no body! not good. So here I am.

I am 5'9, 191lbs. 33yr old, wondering if I should loose 20lbs, Dra. Yily did not suggest- but my ideal weight is 170.

I do want to say many thanks to all the women who have posted their pictures, supply list's and shared your experience about your journey, this has helped me so much!!!!
I plan on traveling with my hubby, but a part of me just wants to go alone and be all healed and hott when he returns home from Deployment. Does any one know if husbands can stay at the Recovery House?

I will try and be consistent with my posts and keep you all updated on my Journey. I plan on having surgery in Aug or Nov 2013 depending if I go alone or with hubby. Anyone going around those times please let me know and we can buddy.

**** or anyone that speaks Spanish willing to go those times- please inbox so we can discuss fees or something for your services*****

Looking for flights and this is cRRazy!!!! LAYOVER

looking for flights and this is cRRazy!!!! LAYOVER
Oh and for the flight check spirit airlines. We plan on driving to Washington, DC to fly out because that airline is not in Norfolk, VA and it's cheaper doing it that way. I notice with the date the flights were a little cheaper too.
Thanks slc6125 Sounds cool to me
Hi I am going Aug. 28- Sept. 7 so that I can use the federal holiday as a day and not use an extra day of leave, and my son should be in school at least 2 weeks before I go. I e-mail and ask about my husband coming along on the trip and she said it would be find. I plan on staying at the recovery house, but I think that I will get more details about my husband when it get closer for us to leave. I even thought about staying at the recovery house a couple of days and then go to a hotel, but I think I just might stay at the recovery house.

Ok Ladies paid my deposit today!!!! So excited now...

Ok Ladies paid my deposit today!!!! So excited now the real planning begins :)

Purchased Ticket

Ok, so after a two week long journey of stalking the travel sites and failed attempts to get buddy passes, I finally just got up this morning and booked my flight! I hated to part with 872.00, I really felt guilty spending that money, but I had too. Ladies it's about time I did something for me.
I have about 8 weeks to go!!!!

Where is everyone staying????? I keep seeing that Jspa is remodeling?
Hey team Yily BaByyyyyyyy Im scheduled for Aug 5th too so see you there>>>>
Oh my! Cool we should exchange numbers. Where are you staying?
The first two nights of recovery I will be at CIPLA the remaining 5 days going to BeLive all inclusive resort where my hubby will take over my care how about you whats your recovery plan??

Staying at Arelis Recovery House

I'm staying at Arelis Recovery House. Spoke with her she is very nice and she is a nurse she charges 120/night but, but all the horror stories I keep hearing, I just want to be safe,taken care of and comfy!
Is the price the same for Arelis RH if u have a buddy??
Not sure Fuschiakisses. She seems pretty nice she may.
Thankx!! I'll check with her!

5 days to go

Can you say so ready for Yily to hook me up! Paid the last of my money today, it's officially paid for. Just waiting for these next couple of days to pass.
My feelings are all over the place. But I'm happy!!!!
Hey lady so glad everything went well...wanted to know how you paid? you sent all the money before you went? Please help sister out I don't want to bring all that money with me!
Hey love ,       I'm no longer going in August . I couldn't pack on enough weight , so I'm going in April 2014. Good luck ...:) 
Awe no, well work on getting your weight up and thank you so much. I will be updating my profile with pics right before the cross over and after

Getting ready to head to DR!!!!

The day has come and I'm just chilling today with my loved ones waiting to get this journey started. I'm posting a wish pic and I will post before pics before I go in.

I crossed over!!!!!

Ladies ladies ladies this surgery is no joke. I had a TT,BBL, hips, inner thighs etc.. Pain is not even the word. I will post pics soon and give a full review but for now rest rest rest.
I did meet sexy jiggle she and her hubby are so sweet. And Yily only had three girls for the day Aug 5. She is beautiful and very careful and truthful about your surgery. Yes, her office is small and looks like they repainted the famous Green Walls.
I can't wait to see ur pics Girl, and did u take ur hubby because I plan on going with my hubby as well?
Hey hope you are feeling a whole lot better..& loving your new body..How much more did u have to pay for the tummy tuck & did you pay extra for inner outer thighs??


woohooo on your crossover! me too!
Congrats to you!! Looking beautiful! :)
Thanks bklynbeauty ;)
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