Soon to Be Dra Yily Doll- Lipo for tiny waist

My whole story deleted, I'll rewrite later. :( I...

My whole story deleted, I'll rewrite later. :(

I plan to get the tiny waste I've dreamed of and hourglass figure sooner than one day. I'm so excited!!! I used to be very active, but I was never able to get the tiny waste that I wanted. I obsess with the hourglass figure and can't wait for my transformation with Yily. I am so thankful for the RS family, you guys have helped me to make a decision that I have always wanted to do. I knew as early as grade school that I wanted a small waist. I used to workout a lot and it never happened. I am soooo excited that I am finally going through with something that I want for myself for once. Some of my friends know and some people try to talk me out of it, but everyone who has known me for a long time has known how much I longed for an hourglass figure. I plan to get a BBL with Yily and am also thinking of getting inner thigh lipo. Thanks again everyone for all of your help. :)

wish pix

Faja Help!!!

Hi ladies, please help me find the best faja at the best price. Is there a website where I can order a good faja?

The countdown continues! Before Pictures

Wish Pix 2

Ok guys, I am obsessed with the wish pix. Every time I see the shape I want I save it to my wish list. Haha

Added Inner Thigh Lipo!

I just confirmed with Yily that I'm going to go with inner thigh lipo. I might as well do the whole transformation, right???! :D

My profile picture

Beauties, please help me with trying to upload a profile picture. I tried, but there is no upload. Can I not upload it from my Android phone?

17 more days!

The time is around the corner! !! I am going to do a haul this wknd and start preparing my bag. I still haven't picked out a place to stay. Ladies please share any ideas of places to stay. :) ???? ???? ???? ???? ????

Flights booked

I booked my flights and am happy with my flight decision. I am flying Delta and my very very very supportive friend has agreed to come with me. I appreciate her not trying to talk me out of it and just agreeing to hold my hand throughout this journey. She respects my decision and is always so attentive. Our flights were $370 each round trip. :)

RS Addict! 13 days to go!

Omg! I am completely addicted to this site and am getting more and more excited. I got more my vitamins and, pads, wipes, wife beaters and gauze tape. 13 more days!

Pre Surgery Regimen

I started my iron pills about a month ago. I've noticed a change in my stool when I use the restroom ( TMI I know lol). I read this is a good sign of the iron. I am enemic as I've mentioned so I am scared that my hemoglobin might not be as high for the big day. Please keep your fingers crossed for me.

I started juicing to help my hemoglobin level. I have been juicing spinach, beets and orange juice daily. Eat plenty of nuts and salmon and have cut alcohol and all cafeine. :( I love my morning cup of coffee, mid day tea and happy hour drinks, so this is super hard for me.

RH Booked!!!

I decided to go with Dominga's recovery house. So far I like their vibe and communication. I also like the fact that she spoke highly of Dra Yily and that massages will be included in my total stay price. I am again super excited and nervous. The only thing I need to do now are to buy a urinal, get stronger pain meds from my doctor and order 2 other medications from the list Dra Yily sent me.

I am still very nervous. Thank you all for your support. It helps me greatly. I would love some more advice if anyone has some. 9 more days!!!!

Weight Gain and BMI

I have put On a whopping 16lbs ever since getting ready for this journey. I am about 5'0 tall and my weight normally 132-142 pounds. I have still been going to the gym, but I have been doing mainly weights and no cardio. I do not usually weigh myself, but I did the other day and I weigh 158 pounds. My calculated BMI is about 30 right now. I have never really weighed so much in my life. I think it's funny how ppl have asked me if I lost weight. LOL

I have been wearing very loose clothes and plan to keep doing this until about 3 months post op. I am serious about the gym and sculpting my body. I want to go into 2015 BANGING and being in the best possible shape as possible. Is it normally to look in the mirror a million times and imagine your future body??? LOL

8 More Days and Amazon orders!

I ordered my urinal and boppy pillow today. I started packing my overnight bag. I can't remember the last time I read so excited.

6 more days!

Ladies I am overly excited and have the butterflies in my stomach. I can't wait for this. I am happy with my decision so far. I still can't believe I am going through with something that I have thought about for over 13 years. Someone pinch me! Thank you gals for all of your support and this great website for giving me the information I needed to make this happen. *tears* This is such an emotional journey. Thank you again gals.

5 more days

Hey Dolls!
I started packing yesterday and have a but more stuff to pack and then I will be all ready for the big day!

At this point I have doubled my vitamins, but I make sure to not go too overboard. I am enemic so I am very nervous about my hemoglobin levels not being high enough on the big day. I need to save a little bit of money so I am trying to avoid unnecessary hospital trips. Here's what I have been taking.

*Iron 28g
*Folic Acid
*Vitamin C
I started taking them about 1 month pre op with a glass of either orange or pineapple juice in the morning. My Dolls, make sure it is REAL juice and not just labeled orange juice.

About a week before the big day, I've decided to double up on these. Check the dosage on what you're taking, make sure it's a safe amount. You want to go into this healthy ans on point, it is your responsibility to learn these things because it is YOUR body.

I have also been juicing beets, spinach and orange juice together and it is absolutely delicious. I have been avoiding certain foods that tend to lower hemoglobin levels. I have also been eating spinach like it's my best friend. I eat it so much and I like it!

Advice: Don't stress yourself paying more than you should for vitamins. Buy the store brand, it's the same thing as the name brands! Most of my vitamins were under $5. If there is something that is more expensive and one cheaper, just turn the bottle around and compare them. It is usually the same thing at a different cost.

Thank you for the kind words and messages my beautiful dolls. You guys have kept me going throughout all this. I am eternally thankful for you all. :)

My friend cancelled :(

My friend who was supposed to come with me just cancelled. She had some personal things that came up and cannot make it. I am not upset, I understand her situation. I am disappointed because it's so close to the big day, but this is my journey so I have to keep it moving.

Thank you guys for all of your kind words. 4 more days! :)

3 more days!

I cannot concentrate on anything. All I think about is my new and future real self. ;) This time next week I hope to update you guys from my new banging body and tiny sexy waist.

I went and bought more stuff last night. I got more wipes, gloves, compression socks and light food/snacks for the trip.

I was shocked when I found the compression socks at Dollar General for less than $5!

The urinal still hasn't gotten here yet. :( Does anyone know what stores I can buy it from?

List of What to Buy Before BBL

I found this very helpful guys. The dolls on here are amazing and i thank them so much for creating this list.

Here is the link that i Jane been following.

The time is almost here :)

I'm pretty much packed. Right now I am organizing everything so that I can have easy access to everything or if I need the nurse to grab something for me. I used a lot of smaller bags and big zip lock bags to put different things in. I made a separate bag for the after surgery when I spend the night at CIPLA. I packed a blanket like many other RS dolls have suggested.

I will arrive in DR at around 1:30pm and plan to go straight to CIPLA for labs and then will go back to my RH for a presurgery lymphatic massage. And surgery will be the next day early in the morning. Thank you again everyone for all of these advice, tips, guides and words of support. :)

Day 1: arrival in DR and pre surgery labs

I'm here everyone! My flight was on time and going through customs was a breeze. Dominga's sister picked me up from the airport and we went straight to CIPLA. I didn't feel comfortable traveling around with all that cash on me so I paid my sx cost and did my labs. All and all, I was at CIPLA for less than an hour.

After I left CIPLA, I checked into Dominga's Recovery House and unpacked a little. I didn't want to stay in the house by myself so I tagged along with Dominga's sister, Cesarina to a nearby market. Now, I had a great experience, but I've traveled 3rd world countries before, the experience might not be as great for someone who has not traveled to non 3rd world countries before.

I am now checking in with family and waiting for dinner to finish cooking. After I plan to get a massage and then get some rest for the big day tomorrow. Wish me luck for the flat side everyone.! :D

I had my surgery!

I wrote 5 paragraphs of all the details and everything erased. I'll try to rewrite it later.

Pain: 1/10
Discomfort: 9 / 10 imagine being flat on your back with no support.
Nausea: 2/10

Pic update

Hemoglobin level and tests

I guess this poor anemic girl's regimen work! My hemoglobin was 13. :D

As you all know that was one of my biggest concerns.

Blood Transfusion

My hemoglobin level got down to 7 so Yily wanted me to get a transfusion last night. I was really hoping to not get one, but I trusted Yily ' s medical advice and judgment and had a blood transfusion. I've been in the same position sincesince. I'm on my back and it's painful... very painful. :( Before my bank was hurting, but now it's my butt. Dios mejos, I want to take all pressure from my back side.

Pain: 3/10
Discomfort : 11/10
Nausea : 2/10

faja is on!

The first attempt to get up/stand up was hell. I thought I was going to pass out dolls. The nurses came to clean me with the wipes that I brought and the first time they started my skin was very tender and felt burn to the touch. I screamed for the first time. I got dizzy and had to hold on to 2 nursses. The nurses poured water on my face and head to keep me awake. The nurses have been great so far. My back doesn't hurt like it did yesterday, but my butt hurts like hell. I can't get comfortable to sleep. I write and read to try to keep my mind off of the pain.

Pain : 7/10 my butt
Discomfort: 6/10
Nausea : 2/10

Faja on

Day 1 post op

Leaving CIPLA, back at Dominga's Recovery House

I spent the night at CIPLA, ate soup, got checked by at least 10 nurses and Doctors and Yily came to check check on me.

Please know what you're getting yourself into before you jump on this. I am actually glad I had someone from Dominga's Recovery House with me to spend the night. She already knew all the ins and outs and is way more helpful than any friend who could have come with me. The person I was with made sure it was cold when I felt hot and it was warm when I felt cold. She fed me the soup. She wiped my mouth, she made sure to get more pain meds and shots whenever I was in pain. She pulled my hair up, wiped my face and held my hands when I felt overall low and in pain. I say this because after surgery you cannot do anything. I was flat on my back from after surgery around 11am until the next morning when it was time to put on my faja. Even right now she is next to me and helps to make sure my phone is charged, internet is running and to make sure I'm not in too much pain.

I want to tell you all thank you from the bottom of my heart. You ladies have made this process a little easier for me. The messages you guys send me and words of encouragement help make all of this a little easier and keeps my mind off of the discomfort. :)

I took a nap and woke up in so much pain :(

I took a 3rd nap and I tried to wake up and it just feels like I'm burning under my faja. :'( it's so painful. The nurse told me it's normal. I had to make her open my faja because it felt like someone had a lighter to my skin and was stretching it. Dios mios, if anyone has any advice on this please pass along. :'(

Sleep and rest

It's 5:30 am here in DR. This is my 2nd time waking up in the middle of the night. I notice that I sleep about 2-3hrs and then wake up and then go to sleep for 2-3hrs and then repeat. I have not been able to sleep a full uninterrupted sleep since surgery. I wonder if this my medication or if it's the fact I've drinking so much liquid? Is this normal or do you dolls have any advice on how to get a full night's sleep?


I understand my body is supposed to be swollen, but I just noticed that my face started swelling too. My precious dolls, my eyes look like they are shut because of the swelling. I think my meds are kicking back in, gonna doze off again. Gracias por todo mi amores. :)

Took my faja off for cleaning *Pic Update*

My precious dolls, look at what Yily did. :)



Front pic update


Last night I had a slight scare. My temperature got to 102.2 degrees. We were not sure what caused it. I slept/ stayed in bed majority of the day and didn't really have an appetite. Trying to eat felt like a chore for me. I knew it was important to stay on top of my nutrients so the ladies made me a pineapple platter and juiced various vegetables and fruits for me. We put a cool pack on my forehead and the fever was gone about an hour later. :)


Last night before getting my faja back on Cesarina and Carolina, nurse/care takers here at Dominga ' s Recovery house rubbed my back and massaged me a little to drain me a little bit. I did not realize I had so much liquid inside of me. The drainage was the most beautiful pain I have experienced. It hurt to the touch, but was very relieving after. I noticed my stomach went down and is not as swollen anymore. I will try to update with pictures today. :)

Thank you dolls, thank you for all of your support. :)

Post sx Follow up

I had my 1st surgery follow up and everything was good. They checked my blood level and things were normal. I met some other Yily dolls today at her office. The ladies are all lovely and look to be healing nicely.

Waiting area for Yily ' s office

Waiting area for Yily ' s office

First massage *Pic Update*

I had my first official lymphatic massage and Dios that gave me life! I feel so much better. The massage was a little painful, but very worth it.

First massage

Massage was painful, but it is very worth it. I'm still swollen, I can't wait to see how tiny my waist is going to be. :)

2nd massage

The massages are very helpful in the recovery process. You feel so much better after the massages and less sore. The massages are mainly to drain you.

Pain : 1/10
Discomfort : 3/100
Nausea: 2/10

2nd massage

2 ND massage pic

Being drained


Yesterday was my first day out. I spent the day out and it was ok. I was able to get in and out of the car by myself with little pain and discomfort. I am now able to take off my dress and undershirt off by myself. It is relieving to feel slightly better day by day.

2nd Follow Up

I went to CIPLA for my 2nd Follow up and they said everything is going great. Dr. Ana and Blanca insisted that I get a 2nd faja/compression garment.

I went to Fajate and bought the garment. The 2nd garment is no joke. I could barely breath when they were trying to squeeze me in that thing. I got back to my RH and layer on my stomach for 20 minutes. Getting in the car after I first put the compression garment on almost brought tears to my eyes. It feel like you're holding breath for a little bit, but now an hour later, it feels slightly better.

Pain: 1/10
Discomfort : 9/10 from faja

3rd, 4th and 5th Massages

I am now on my 5th massage. I notice after each massage, I am in a little less pain than before so I am getting as many of these as possible. I had a massage last night and have asked the same lady, Mercedes, to give me a massage this morning and again tonight. The massages are extremely helpful with the discomfort and sore feeling. Tomorrow I will more than likely do 3 massages, one before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I'm starting to feel normal dolls! Thank you for all your support. Please continue to wish me luck with this stage 2 faja. Dios mios, that thing is killing me. Haha

Final follow up with Yily

Hi dolls,

I had my last follow up with Yily and her team today and everything is going great. I was drained from my stomach one last time. I got my clearance and a travel note for the airport tomorrow. I am so excited to be heading back. I miss my life and my family. This has been a journey. I promise to do a full review on my recovery house, Yily and her team and my overall experience here. Thank you for cheering me on and showing this poor girl with ambitions of a tiny waist so much love. XO

Painful Leg Spasm

Last night I had the most awful lush spam. It started on my left calf and just kept traveling down. I was screaming at the top of my lungs and my temperature went up. I was so scared dolls. I started thinking of all the worst case scenarios. I was lucky to be in the house with two long time nurses who took matters into their hands.

I haven't worn my compression socks for a couple of days and didn't drink much water with all the traveling yesterday. After All that pain I experienced last night, I'm going back to wearing my compression socks all day again.

I know you guys are waiting for the visual updates. I've been so busy I haven't even taken any pictures. My main focus is healing and making sure I'm healthy for now.

Recovery and feeling blue

I'm home and in bed. I decided to sleep without the faja lady night. I wanted to u u at breath. All night I have been in a real down mood. The recovery process is a real downer. I'm tired of feeling sore and uncomfortable all the time. I'm tired of the discomfort and pain when I want to lay down, sit down, walk, pick up something that's on the floor and the whole not feeling like myself. I cried this morning. I questioned if all of this was worth it. :'( I guess right now I'm just going through all of the emotions of this journey. I decided to share this with you all because I was not expecting this part of the journey. How long post op will I start to feel like myself? Will the swelling go down?

Thank you for all your support lovely dolls. Xo

Stage 2 compression faja

My stage 2 faja is a size small and it has gotten too big. When I sit, it folds because my stomach has gotten smaller and now I need a smaller faja! Just less than a week ago I could barely breath on level 1 when I first put it on Wow!

What did you guys do with your stage 2 garment? Did you sell it and got a smaller one or did you just get it taken in some?

1st Day Back to Work

Hi Dolls,

Yesterday was my first day back at work and boy was it tough. I was dragging around and was exhausted all day. If you can take more than two weeks off of work, DO IT!!!! I wish I could have taken a month off and brought my massage lady with me. I broke down at one point yesterday. My coworkers have no idea what happened. I've been wearing loose long dresses for almost 2 months now. Haha

Follow Up with local Dr.

I had my follow up with my Dr. yesterday and it was a big disappointment. I have a little bit of liquid that I was hoping to get drained and she refused to do it. She told me to look for a plastic surgeon to do it. This wouldn't be disappointing if I did not know for a fact that she normally does it and is able to do it. :( My overall health is fine and everything seems to be ok according to my follow up, but I was really hoping to get this little bit of liquid drained. :( :( :(
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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Spectacular results... Man all the BBL I've seen in RS have been so inspiring and you got it going on chick ;) take good care of yourself sending love ;)
  • Reply
Thank you for your kind words luv. :)
  • Reply
I'm so excited! My surgery is next week and your height+weight measurements are pretty much like me. I hope to look as good as you. My question for you is what size faja did you end up purchasing?
  • Reply
Thanks, post surgery they put me in a large faja and 2 days later I purchased a so small faja. They put it on for me at the faja store. Good luck :)
  • Reply
Really! I purchased an XL because I tried on a M just to see and the darn thing wouldn't go up my butt. I'll definitely purchase a smaller one later on. Thank you for the reply, toots! ;)
  • Reply
Looking amazing doll:-) Ty for sharing your journey:-) continue to heal safe and beautiful.
  • Reply
Thank you Bella! Xo
  • Reply
Take it easy doll...I plan on taking an extra 7 days off once I return to the states.
  • Reply
Thanks hun, yeah that's a good idea, 2 weeks definitely is not enough.
  • Reply
Im so happy for you, stay strong can't wait to see ur updated photos ♥
  • Reply
Thank you doll, I promise to have some after my follow up. I look pretty much the same. I will post a picture after I get drained. :)
  • Reply
Pics please!! I am very happy that your swelling is going down so fast!! I wish I could say the same for myself.... :( I keep buying fajas that should allow for more compression around mid section and less around the ass... but all seem to cut off circulation around my hips...
  • Reply
What faja do you have? Have you tried getting a regular one and getting it taken in in the stomach area?
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I want to say you look amazing, and thank god your out of the worse of it, My girls out here NYC are looking Fabulous so i can just imagine how your results will look like. My 2 girlfriends went to DR had there surgery and have ass for days. Good luck on this journey love.
  • Reply
Thank you doll, I hope my results are as good too.
  • Reply
Nope:( not how I wanted.
  • Reply
I'm sorry to hear that. I know you were hoping for more projection. Are you thinking of a round 2?
  • Reply
I definitely felt the same way. It is the emotional roller coaster for sure. This will go away as your results will show more and the swelling down. Have your faja taken in. Once you do it will be tight again and you will probably want to use the foam and AB board, they help. Yily told me to have it taken in 2 inches on each side. I thought yeah right this is a small I will never go down that much. She was right, Now I wear my Ann Cherry waist cincher over my small faja that was taken in two inches on each side. I did purchase a small short legs on amazon by Marie E also.
  • Reply
2 inches on each side?! That hurts just thinking about it. Lol I'll try to get it taken in asap then.
  • Reply
You might want to start off with 1 inch or 1 and 1/2 inch on each side. Have measurements done and see what will be best for you. I did my own. First while wearing the faja I pulled on the sides and marked where I wanted it in. It was about 1+ inches but about two weeks later it was loose again and I did the same. You can do it gradually. Good luck.
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Oh and yes it hurts a little, lol. But you adjust to it.
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Ull pull through doll. Remember why u did this. U wanted them sexy curves. Remember u made this through safely. And u knew recovery was gonna be a hard thing to do. U can do this. U are doing this. It will take some time, but when it's done u will be happy! (Some dolls I've followed go on emotional rollarcoasters... Up to 3months till when they actually see their results)
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