1 Day Post Op - Dominican Republic, DO

I had surgery with Yily yesterday, she is very...

I had surgery with Yily yesterday, she is very matter of fact but I appreciate it. She will not tell you what you want to hear. She tells you what she can do on your body and how you will look. The pain in my butt, back and arms is Beyond what I expected. Be prepared for this girls, Yily is aggressive. I doubt I have much far left in my body. I moved out of the real recovery hotel, the owner was rude and let me tell you after you get out of surgery you don't want to be bothered with any type of inconvenience. I need help to move, to go to the bathroom, the nurse had to help me wipe because my arms are so sore and swollen. I checked into CIPLA at 7:00 am and didnt have surgery until 6:00 PM, if your hemoglobin isnt at 12, Yily will not operate you and I see why. my hemoglobin was almost at 14 and I feel so weak. I woke up at midnight and then at 3:00 am, I was freezing! I screamed and screamed for the nurse to come, she showed up an hour later. By that time, I was a Popsicle of how cold I was. However, in the midst of all things I was told that Ana; Yilys medical Assistant who does all your post up check up goes to do rounds to two different places. The one, I'm today is simply the best! When i saw the pics I thought it was too good to be true but I decided to take the chance.
Mayra, came to the clinic to get me. picked up my suitcase from the other hotel. I tell you, the place is Very Americanized with Wi Fi that works. It looks like a south beach condo, super clean and quiet. Everything is new and the linen so soft and fresh. It's called Harmony tower. I will post the number soon. At the hotel I couldn't really log on to the wifi for long. Also here I have a nurse, very different guys. You need someone who really knows this process and is nice and gentle and knows how to move you when you want to change positions or want to get up. She just gave me my heparin shot and brought all the meds to me. I will update you in my recovery process, so far I'm very swollen and with pain but praise God I'm very comfortable and well cared for.

3rd day post op

Hi dolls, just wanted to give an update on my recovery. I finally managed to sleep through the night last night. I don't mean to scare you all but you need proper care. This is a serious procedure, the pain and soreness debilitate you and you are able to do very little for yourself.
I'm trying my very best to stay positive and tell myself it will get better and it was all well worth it. As of today, I don't see much difference in my shape or the size of my butt.
As I recall my meeting with yily prior to surgery I never got to show her my wish pics. There was a sense of rush on her end. Be sure to write your questions written down, ready and available. Between the nerves and the lack of food and the long wait, is easy to forget some things.
I'm adding my pre op pictures and ill have my nurse take pictures tomorrow after my first massage.
Be well

So Yily didn't actually do the surgery

Hi Dolls, I wanted to let you know that yesterday I met someone who is visiting the DR on vacation from the US, she told me she scheduled surgery with Yily earlier in the year. She woke up in the middle of the surgery and someone else was operating on her!!! WTH???
They had to go find Yily to calm her down. When I asked randomly at the clinic if plastic surgery residents ( a medical doctor finishing their plastic surgery specialty) were allowed to observe, they said : "oh! They even let them do it and Duran and Yily guide them, they are very nice that way to teach"
Okk! I'm seriously bothered with this, I don't even know who operated on me now and apparently in this country they don't have to tell you if a "student" does your surgery. The surgical tech reasoned with me, I mean how are the new doctors going to learn??,
I didn't fly here and spend nearly 4500 for surgery for any doctor to teach any students.
Guys, ask the right questions and be careful. When you come here you are subjected to their rules, they have your money, you are sedated and once in the surgical suite is up to the doctor to hold their end, you there's nothing you can really do. So please be careful.

Front before and after, Yily

I told Yily, I wanted a very small waist. I honestly don't see much difference. What do you guys think?


Last day in the DR

Although I miss home, it's a bit emotional for me to leave today. I've gained some of my movements back. I'm able to slowly get off the bed, raise my arms and go to the bathroom. However, I'm still sore, in pain and walking very slowly.
Leaving the wonderful nurse who took such good care of me at this stage is hard. Ladies, there's nothing like an experienced nurse who knows how to move you with the least discomfort and without touching any of your beat up body parts.
My drain was taken out yesterday! I was so nervous about having this tube yanked out of my lower back I took a pain killer. Instead of going to the doctor, I had Ruth take it out and it wasn't that bad.
We went to the fajate store, which I have to say is expensive but well worth it. The material is different and although is very tight it gives my body a compact, secure feeling.
Again, I was glad I had the nurse doing this with me. The ladies at fajate try to put it on me, I wanted to beat the crap out of the lady who had long nails, was bumping me everywhere and 15 min later of sweating no faja on me yet.
The nurse intervened and our it on me in no time. I went to the hair salon afterwards and for $8.00 I had my hair done Dominican style. They rolled it and put me in the dryer, it looks amazing.
I'm heading to the airport and requested a wheel chair, there's absolutely no way I will walk through the airport with my bag.
Also I'm bringing a pillow not to sit on my butt, I will update pictures with my faja on.
Ladies remember, the post op instructions for a BBL by the American plastic Surgeons is NO SITTING ON YOUR BUTT FOR 3 WEEKS. No one at Yilys office said that to me but better safe than sorry. This bootay cost me too much pain, aggravation and money to chance it.

Back Home

Hi Dolls, it's been 5 days since I've been home. I should've stayed in the Dominican! I'm still not ready to do many things and here at home I don't have much help. Not to mention, the few times I've been out Im asked a million questions as of what happened. All my lipoed areas are still sore, the feel like burned sometimes. Oh and the last two days, I've been itching all over under this faja. Its maddening! I'm unable to reach for things, to bend, to pick up things from the floor. It's very frustrating. The trip back took it all out of me.
I strongly recommend to take your painkiller before you go to the airport and to enlist wheel chair service. It would have taken me 2 days to walk the entire airport at the pace I'm moving. I've been wearing my faja as indicated, it makes it difficult to get dress too because most maxi dresses are sleeveless, so I'm waiting for this weekend to go with my Fiancé to look for some tops and dresses. I had to call work and postpone my return for another week. Ladies, this recovery is a biotch, I suggest you plan for 3 weeks of rest. I know everyone is different but better be safe than sorry. My body still bruised and achey and I do very little throughout the day. As much as I want to will myself to be better is happening very slow. Also, yesterday I sat for a few minutes, my left butt cheek started having spasm all on its own, I could hardly sleep.
I hope I didn't hurt anything!

Pictures 15 days PO

Hi Dolls,
Ive been getting my limphatic massages and today I moved to the second stage of my faja. I'm still holding up in results as I frankly don't see much difference yet.
What do you guys think?

21/2 months post op

I see some sculpting changes, not much change in the booty. I'm kind of disappointed but it is what it is!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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hi i was wondering if you could post the info the nurse who took care of you, i have yet to be able to find a nurse ..thnks!
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Thank you for sharing. Im sorry hunny you do not see a difference. You look great to be honest i am beyond jealous of your before SX shape. i wished my waist looked that small. I hope you see the results you want within the months of healing. I enjoyed reading your review. It was very informal. Please keep us updated. Glad you made it there and back safely.
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Thanks for sharing :-)
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I could not find any info on Harmony Tower in Dr
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texasfinest contact Mayra, this is her what's app number (849)353-5456 she is my friend, the owner of recovery armonia. They moved closer to Cipla
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Okay thank you! I emailed RRA my flight info but have not received a response
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inbox me your name and ill contact her for you, when do you arrive?
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Inbox me your name and info and I will contact her for you. Do you have a whats app number?
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I don't know how whats app works lol
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Me too i emailed then as well no resonse
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Your review was very helpful.I always ask docs in the states not to let students in and it didnt even cross my mind to ask surgeons about student education. Thank you very much for this insight:-)
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Thank you , Thank you, Thank you so much for your review. My two sisters and I are scheduled to all have surgery with Yily May 13th and will be looking for a RH. I was looking into Real Recovery so I am trying to find as many reviews as possible. Your results look good in the pics I've seem. How are you to date? Thanks again.
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Can you give me more details on the hitel you stayed in?
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You look good but it's not a huge diffrence. Just looks like you went to they gym and lost weight by excersise.
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Exactly the way I feel. Seriously after all the pain, recover and cost associated so far I don't feel it was worth it. I hired a trainer and will work on my body with him. I saw other people with similar body type with far better results by Yily. Just like there are people very satisfied there are many who aren't. I guess we all must try out our chances
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you look beautiful, your body was nice before sx and looks even better after sx. You lucky girl!
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how are you doing?
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Thank you for checking in, I was just thinking of updating today. I'm 21/2 months post op and I'm doing really well, except my skin still feels kind of burned/numb. I'm hoping it will go away. I'm also desperate to start working out. I gained weight for this procedure and my goal is to have more of a bootylicious Barbie look. As far as my butt, it has lost volume. I'm hoping this will change. It is an improvement to what I had but I didn't get the projection and fullness I wanted. Mind you, I didn't want a huge butt. I just wanted a noticeable size. Anyways, I will post photos this weekend for all of you dolls to see.
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anyone going to baez beg of sept. im going sept 4th looking for a buddy im traveling alone
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Just so you know, I've kept in touch with my nurse back in the DR. She told me that of all the patients she has cared for, Baez gives the most beautiful glutes. This is coming from a woman who's seen a LOT and has a big round, perfect butt herself! Good luck
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You look great I'm thinking of going to the same The real recovery armonia also thank you for the great review how many days did you stay there if its not to much to ask?
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It was $80.00 per night, with processional nursing care and amazing food. The place is very Americanized and Ruth the nurse, I miss her till this day.
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I stayed 8 days but seriously if you can stay 10 days it would be best. This is a journey and I personally regretted getting back home too soon.
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Thank you so much for taking the time to write this... Happy healing
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So overall u recommend the real recovery hotel? :)
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