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Im a 21 yr old mother of two, body destroyed and...

Im a 21 yr old mother of two, body destroyed and ready to get back on track! Im ready to pay Yily De Los Santo a visit!! Im planning my trip for summer 14', looking for anyone that has gone to her, tips, what to bring, extra costs you came across, & anything else i should know! This is my first surgery
Good Luck love on this upcoming journey! I wish you the best..I am a soon to be Yily Doll and so far so good. No major complaints! I have heard she is a straight forward PS and she's very agressive with her lipo to make sure you get the coke bottle/hour glass shape you desire. I have heard that Yily is the queen of LIPO & TUMMY TUCKS and Duran is the queen of DONKS. Yily gives you what your body is capable of handling! So if you have chicken legs don't expected the unexpected DONK!! LOL
Best if luck to you n awesome wish pic! I'm looking 4 some serious hourglass curves n ass too!!yily does a great job sculpting n love how she makes waists microscopic! Best of luck! Will follow your journey

What im working with

Two kids later, strech mark city lOl my biggest consirns are 1) how much down time i will need after surgery [tummytuck & bbl] 2) sitting on a plane after surgey! I hate planes to begin with. Am i going to be in excruciating pain still? 3) being unprepared finantially, i hear once you have the surgery theres lots of other little charges that no one warned about .
Are you still having surgery?
Hey hun hope to see you thereI'm going to yily on the same day as you... best wishes hun xoxo
I would recommend girl after adding all your expenses up (sx,flight,hotel/RH,passport,massages,food,taxi,etc..) I would add another $500-$1000 on just in case. I noticed that nothing to major has happedned to any girls exept needing blood transfusions which are an addtl. $250 so having a extra G most def won't hurt. Mines $7700 for everything (sx,flights,hotel.. etc) but imma have extra bread (money) wit
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