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Hello dolls im 21 years old a mother of two and...

Hello dolls im 21 years old a mother of two and ready to be a doll :)i been wanting plastic surgery ever since i had my 1 kid.i dont feel sexy anymore and i dont feel my age anymore either:( so im doinq this for me. Not for anyone else nor for attention im doinq it to gain my confidence back.i was in the middle of dra yily and duran but then i found dra australia fragoso baez i love how she answers my questions in24hours and answers them in detail;)i love dutlran and yilys. Work but my health comes first and i feel confortable with baez. I will upload some pixers of me now so u can see how fat i gotten i weight myself today and i weigh 135pounds--_____--) can any of you dolls tell me what medicine and vitamins i need to take months before surgury PLEASE and what things do need to take for my stay i already started to buy things but i dont wanna forget somthin important thanx again Dolls xoxo
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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How are you doing? Any updates?
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I will post up some pictures this weekend that helps me that I already sent to Dr.Baez she will be have some recommendations
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