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I've been on this site review other girls stories...

I've been on this site review other girls stories and pictures, I'm 26 and any one can tell you after giving brith and breast feeding your body will never be the same. I'm going with Dr Baez in 2014, so far her work looks amazing, I've worked in the hospital and one of the most important thing with patients when thier going into surgery, you have to make them feel comfortable and safe. That's something Dr Baez has done consistently with all of her patients, I have along way to go but I'm looking forward to meeting her and her staff. #teamDrBaez!!! P.S I'm happy with the response and the quote given to me! ;.)
Im so excited 2 find all these future Baez dolls!!! Can u post sum preop pics? Please post in detail about ur exp w/Baez I can't wait to c ur results
welcome DOLL!
Welcome aboard, and considering going with Dr. Baez after reading several reviews of Dr. Baez, & since I'm havin a hard time getting a quote from Duran. Can't wait to follow your journey!
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