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Hello dolls. :waves: I've already had a TT, BL w/...

Hello dolls. :waves:

I've already had a TT, BL w/ BA, liposculpture, and FG to my butt earlier this year. Although I love my new breasts and tummy, I am not satisfied with my lipo and FG results. I feel as though my surgeon did not honor my wishes hence me opting for another round. Whatever.

This round (which will hopefully be my last) I will focus on making my waist smaller with aggressive lipo and FG to my butt and laterals. I have been doing my research, lurking mostly and so far the only doctors I've seen give out the silhouette that I desire from scratch is Campos and Cabral. Doctors like Yily and Contreras are better at enhancing what you've already got in my opinion. I'm still weighing my options so nothing is set in stone as of yet.

I've already started requesting quotes and I plan on having my sx in early to mid March 2014.

Quotes, etc.

Contreras quoted me $2500 for full lipo w/ a BBL and Cabral quoted me $3800 for the same thing. Only problem is that Cabral operates on first come, first serve and a friend of mine who went to him told me that there were women lined up like they were entering a club for sx and that turns me off but his work is well worth it...well WAS worth it until I read about his most recent death. Tsk, tsk. Contreras also gave me dates in which he will be available and they are Feb 15-23 and March 12-23 which is a problem for me because I wanted to have my sx around the first week of March. Hm? I haven't contacted any other doctors in the DR yet and I probably won't. I'm also going to request a quote from Campos in Mexico and Florez in Colombia. Campos gives out those cartoon bodies like Cabral except he's more expensive and Florez (tattedupholly's doctor) is a beast when it comes to aggressive lipo. He removed 14 liters of fat from some chick from London that I used to converse with in one of those private sx groups via Facebook and gave her a donk. Florez is just mad conservative. He doesn't like giving out big booties, he actually frowns upon them so I think he only gave her 600cc in each buttock and that was his max. I think he quoted her $3200 but I'm not entirely too sure.


Reading through reviews, I found a doctor that I would definitely consider BUT the problem is that although he produces big asses, most of them look boxy. Like, he doesn't shape them at all and that's a problem. The doctor from my first round didn't honor my wishes from not only the projection aspect but shaping as well and I am thoroughly disappointed. Ugh. This time around I want my ass rounded out more (special attention at the bottom curve) and fat added to my hips through my laterals. Orlando7193 is my post op wish bod. Check her out.

I am also going to focus on sculpting and shaping my midsection a little more. I will admit that after my first round I wasn't eating properly nor was I exercising so I am partially to blame. My waist was a 32 before sx and now it's 30" so lipo really didn't make a difference. Another issue was that my doctor wasn't as aggressive as I thought he would be. I should've kept my faja on longer. Sigh. I also have a seroma located on my upper abdomen that I need drained. I found a surgeon in my area willing to drain me for $150/session but I don't have the funds to spare right now.

2014, it's time.

Happy New Year ladies. I spent the new year in NY/NJ with my honey and his family. He took me uptown to Harlem and I was amazed at all the shapely Latina women I saw. I wondered if they went to the DR to get their bodies custom made too since that's the wave up there. When I was in Colombia most of the patients in the recovery house were Latina from NY so I know plastic surgery is a big thing there. His sister is BFF with Tahiry (who's body is 100% real btw) but I heard Emily B had fat transfers and I wonder who her doctor in the DR was. I was also told that Checha (some startender that runs with Jessica Mericee) is a Cabral Barbie even though she was burned by him. Ouch. I'm still torn between DR and Mexico. Hell, I might even go back to Cali to Dr. Florez (tattedupholly's doctor). I'm not sure. I never am. I hate how indecisive I can be. I do know that I want to go around my anniversary date which is in March.

As you can see from my photos, my previous surgeon did not shape my ass. It is not round nor does it look like a bubble. I am so tired of complaining about this shit. I'm going to focus on my lower body this go round and that's it. I need hips and a fatter ass to match my tits! I may just choose Campos since Contreras is back on the bandwagon. :eye roll: I am not trying to go to a doctor that everyone else is going to.

Groupon deal.

Ladies, Groupon is having a deal on Bio-Oil Scar Treatment. You'll get 2 packs for $29 and with the regular retail price you'll be paying well over $40. Jump on this while you can especially if your surgery will involve visible scars.

Salama it is!

Not only does he give large amounts for projection but he also does hips. I'm sold.

No avail. Hm.

Emailed and texted Dr. Salama's office to no avail. Sigh. He must be busy. I will probably have to call which I'm not looking forward to. I'm lazy.

If I don't hear from his office soon I will be forced to contact another doctor and Campos is second in line.

I hate waiting and I don't have patience.


Just wanted to add a full frontal of my breasts.

Got the ball rollin'.

First off I would like to thank Kristy for the small favor she did for me. You are appreciated. Moving right along, I was able to get in contact with Salama's office. A young lady named Jewels and I chatted briefly over the phone and I was asked to send in photos but I haven't yet because my personal life has been hectic. I had to move out of my apartment and I work 12 hour shifts on top of me being a parent so I haven't had much time for myself but when I do, I will take care of that.

I originally wanted to have sx later on in the year but now that I don't have to pay high rent anymore I can focus on saving and possibly having my sx sooner. ~jorums55 was trying to get rid of her date (7.22.14) which is right around my birthday so I hit her up, did a 3-way conference with Ruben and he agreed to give me her date and refund her deposit. I am thankful because there are girls waiting for a sooner date and I lucked up. I still have to send in my pictures and get a yay or nay from Salama before anything is set in stone. Ruben is a sweetie for looking out. Thanks again ~jorums55.

I plan on using a huge portion of my taxes and saving at least $1000/mo if I can to fund this sx. I also applied for financing for at least $5,000 with United Medical and hopefully I get approved. My credit scores are trash. I need a miracle. I estimate my total expenses will be around $13,000 including room & board and massages. I'm not trying to spend anymore than $14,000 for this round.

Woe is me.

I wasn't approved for the loan as expected. Oh well. Sticking to the original plan which is saving!

10 months.

It's been 10 months since my first round. I have a nice round brown butt but as you can see from the side and front shot I desire more projection and hips.

My boyfriend is coming in from NJ to spend the weekend with me and my Mother Nature decided to show her nasty little face. Blah.


My boyfriend came as quickly as he left. I think I'm a little over this "situationship".

Cynthia, a patient coordinator from Salama's office got back to me with the doctors "opinion" which was a generic copy and pasted email. He pretty much glanced at my photos (disregarding the disclaimer I posted at the bottom) and told me that I needed to gain another 8-12 lbs for the procedure. I refuse. I sent her an email back explaining that I am 5'4" and I already weigh 171 lbs. I may look a little slender in my photos but in reality I am not. My previous surgeon lipo'd the heck out of my entire back, waist and flanks so I doubt I have enough fat in these regions for this round. Not sure about my abdomen since I still have a seroma that needs to be drained and I previously had a TT. I plan on adding my arms and inner/outer thighs since that is where most of my fat is. I'll need to send in my deposit soon to secure my date.

My friend from London that traveled with me to Colombia sent me recent pictures of herself. She lost a little volume from exercising but overall her body still looks nice. She went to @tattedupholly's doctor. He removed 14 liters of fat and only injected I think 600cc max into her butt which gave her a nice bubble but not a donk. The doctors there are very conservative with their butt lifts because they're more into sculpting than projection. She's going back to her surgeon and wanted to know if I wanted to travel (even found a great travel deal) but unfortunately, I probably will not because I was not satisfied with my surgeons work and there aren't any other doctors that I am interested in and I've consulted with a few. Oh well. Time to really start saving.

Rambling and such.

Filed my taxes and found another job. I'll be doing part time cashier work at a grocery store. The pay isn't all that great but it's an extra $600 in my pocket each month. I claimed my nephew as well as my son and I'm supposed to get back a little over 8k this year. I really need a car and my own apartment again but that will have to wait. Priorities right? Ha.

I've gained some weight. Too much weight. My thighs are beginning to rub. Sigh. I hate this. After this round I'm going to make sure I take better care of my body because I'm not about this unhealthy life anymore. It's taking a toll on my heart too.


I need to order another VitaMedica Surgery Recovery kit as well as iron, B12, vitamin C and probiotics too. Probiotics are essential because those antibiotics gave me a rouge yeast infection last round. Gross. I wish mystina4u kept the videos around ABC juice and green smoothies around because keeping my hemoglobin up has always been a challenge. I may just ask my doctor to prescribe me some really strong iron since the beet leaf supplements I took last sx didn't do shit for my levels.

NFCU didn't approve me for my auto loan. I'm getting antsy because I really NEED a car. If I don't get one soon then I will just use all of the money saved for a sooner sx date. Fuck it. I also didn't attend training for my new job today. I decided not to proceed with it because at the end of the day I won't be making any real profit. Most of the funds will be used to commute to and from work. I'll just continue looking.

11 months post op.

March 5th will be my one year anniversary since sx. Since I won't be able to get sx this summer I'll opt for a later late, possibly early next year. That should give me enough time to save and get my health in order.

Speaking of health, my heart has been palpitating a little more than usual. It's scary. My PCP doesn't see a problem and I've carried a monitor but nothing abnormal has shown. I KNOW something is wrong. Fuck that. I'll keep pestering her. This is another reason why I am leery about having sx so soon without knowing what's up with my heart for sure.

I'm going to start working out and juicing and stuff for the time being.

One year post op.

Today makes one year since my first round. I remember it just like it was yesterday. I don't have a photos because my body still looks the same as the previous photos I posted. I decided that I will start working out and eating clean to get my stomach back down. I may* (not set in stone) start waist training but I think I'm going to hold off until my second round. Speaking of that, I pushed it back from the fall to the winter of next year maybe. Spending my money on more important things like another apartment and a new car. Blah. In the meantime I will prepare and right my wrongs from the first round and apply it to the next.

What am I doing wrong?

Where are you guys finding these men that are financing your surgeries? What in the hell am I doing wrong? Sheesh.

Also I cannot express enough the importance of getting your hemoglobin up before your surgeries. Drink green smoothies, take iron pills, etc but this is VERY important ladies! Not to knock the DR or Colombia but I wouldn't feel right getting a transfusion outside of my country where healthcare isn't immaculate. Sorry. No shade throw to any of you. Some of us get so caught up in the physical aspect that we forget about our inner and overall health.

I've changed my mind.

I've decided that I will take a risk and go to Cabral. Reason being, I believe he can give me the hips, waist and ass I desire. Yeah, yeah. Go ahead and comment with your warnings. I am aiming for early December...hopefully. I would rather go during off peak season when he isn't as busy.


I've lost my job which pushed my sx date back. Wanted to go in December but I may have to wait until around tax season 2015. UGH. Anyway this is how my ass looks to date.
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