35 Badly Want a BBL! is It Possible? - Dominican Republic, DO

Ok so like many others, I have been stalking the...

Ok so like many others, I have been stalking the heck out of this site just drooling and trying to find the courage to get this done. Im 35 4'10 135lbs. Im also a smoker. I posted pics of me and my wish pics. Im hoping that its doable for me. Im also torn on whether I should shop for a doc in the DR, obviously its less money, or stick with a doc in the states. Im so nervous I dont want a massive ass but I do want a POW type of butt that looks natural. I would also like some hips and a small waiste. Do I have enough fat for all that? Excuse the house...we are remodeling.
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Welcome to RS. If you haven't gotten feedback from a consultation yet, you may want to post ur pics and question about having enough fat for all the docs to have access to answering. Also, seeing as though you're a smoker, I'd advise staying in the states to have better access to your PS if that becomes an issue. Good luck on this journey!
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Thank you! I posted to questions now...lol didnt see that tab at first. I think im going to stay in the states because im reading some scary reviews about Dr's in the DR. Im going to try to quit smoking soon as well.
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Good. Yes quitting smoking overall will be of great. You can do it! Besides, once u get that "donk" you're gonna want to do whatever it takes to be healthy and keep it tight and right Hunty!
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