31, with 4 Kids - Dominican Republic, DO

Interested in butt lift and Tummy tuck/Breastlift...

Interested in butt lift and Tummy tuck/Breastlift I'm interested in going to Dominican Republic to have this done. PLEASE SEND ME ANY INFORMATION ON THE BEST DOCTORS and any other information thanks . I have four children and I have neverbbeen in Dominican Republic before. I'm very nervous and I don't know where to get started. I'm interested in becoming a Duran Doll because her works looks Amazing. PLEASE SEND ME IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.
Ok. Send a friend request on Facebook to Dra. Augustina Hilario Duran. She Has a HUGE following over there. The ladies will be able to give you plenty of info. regarding getting a surgery date etc. Bklynbeauty, here at RS is a recent patient. Search her up and read her blog.
Oh dra duran
Also read booshiebabe and mostdesired3 reviews. They r duran patients who had tt, ba and bbl. Other good docs too.


Duran Quoted me 4500 for TT, LIPO AND BBL. She also states that I should call and confirm. I'M SUPER EXITED.. ????. Thanks ladies of realself let my journey Begin...


I just applied for my Passport, it should be at least 4/6 weeks. My Operation date is MARCH 27*** HEY*****.
Congrats on your upcoming Sx I will be following your journey.
anyone going around the 14h or 15th of March? My sx date is march 15th but i will arrive on March 14th
hey, im going to Duran 2 weeks before you, so we will just miss eachother! good luck with everything, ill check back on you. :)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dra Yiy contacted me today. With the information of size and weight

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