All Packed!!! #D.R. READY

My journey began last year but due to poor eating...

My journey began last year but due to poor eating habits, I went from weighing 175 to 210 pounds. How so ever, i'm now back on track and more determined than ever. I am looking into a surgery date of February 9, 2015. This date will give me enough time to save up and prepare myself both physically and mentally. Did I tell u that I have to lose 30+ pounds for surgery. Ugh I hate dieting just as much as I hate being fat. Lol

Dra. Baez gives 1500 to 1700cc per cheek

I emailed Dra. Baez at about 10:30pm with my pics and quote request. She emailed me back within minutes quoting me at $3800 for a bbl and tt. Dra. Baez said it would be $5000 if I included a BL. I explained to her that I wanted a small waistline with round hips and butt. I sent Dra.Baez a wish pic and she said that I could receive the look with a tummy tuck and 1500 to 1700cc in each cheek. If she could give my desired look at this price I would love her for I asked Dra. Baez if she could send me a picture of her patient that recieved 1500cc per cheek.
Minutes later I received the picture and I wasn't very impressed!!! The young woman had a small fame and weighed maybe, 160 pounds. Her hips and butt were not as round as I expected. It looks good on the patient but I'm not sure if it would do satisfy me. Hmmmmm, i'm not so sure about this doctor. Feedback, anyone???

Dra. Baez or Dra. Diaz??? Any suggestions???

I recieved a quote from Dra. Diaz:
The quote for Tummy Tuck + BBL+ Breast Lift (without implants) is 5800 US dollars and this quotes includes: blood work, x-ray, ekg, cardiovascular evaluation, anesthesiologist, surgical procedure, one night at clinic, garment, bra, massages and follow up. Can make a package with 10 days stay, transportation from-to airport and post op meds for 6800 US dollars.
I have looked at a lot Dra. Diaz patient reviews and I love the projection that he gives. That is $2000 more than what Dra. Baez quoted me at. At this time, I'm struggling with Budget vs. Results. I'm wanting to keep my quote $4000 or under. So if I go with Dra. Diaz I won't be getting a Breast lift. His deposit is also $500.
So far, Dra. Baez have the most reasonable prices and as stated before her work is good. And her deposit is only $300.
I'm so torn right now!!! All I do know is that I'm ready to send off a deposit but to who? I desperately need help in deciding. Ladies???

Natural Look Vs Big Booty Judy???

Not exactly sure of the look I am going for. I don't want the shape f my new butt too big that it looks deformed or too natural that one can barely tell a difference. My friends say that" I shouldn't make it look too obvious that I got work done". Honestly I can care less about what others r going to say. As long as I'm happy with my results! Since the age of 18 I have been wanting to enhance my look. And now God have equipped me with the resources to do so. I basically told my friends that "I love me and the people that loves me r the only ones that matter." I'm doing it for me and my family support it!!! Wish pics below

Dra. Almonte Doll to Be!!!

So after countless sleepless nights straight obsessing over this website reviewing both Dra. Baez and Dra. Almonte patient's. I am glad to announce without any hesitation that Feb 2015 I will be a Almonte Doll!!! I love the snatched waistline that she gives with the round butts. Dra. Almonte gives up to 1600cc's per cheek. Wow. Might be a bit much??? Maybe not!!!

Dra. Almonte Dolls!!! love it

Gianna Colombia Recovery House???

Lady Duvall gave a great review on Gianna Colombia Recovery House. Her info Whatsapp (829) 445-0205
She responded within hrs quoting me at
$1045 for 10 days which includes massages. Is that a deal???
I have not found many reviews on her. However, will keep y'all posted.

Gianna Colombia Recovery House! it is

I thank God for blessing me to connect with this beautiful, friendly, business oriented woman!!! Every since I contacted her on Whatsapp, we have been conversation. No question left unanswered. Did I mention that She is the licensed massage therapist. She provide services like a full body wrap the night before surgery to micro demabrasion face mask. Past dolls have stated that Gianna Colombia goes above and beyond for your happiness. Honestly, I have not yet read negative review about her.
She even put me in direct contact with Dra. Disnalda Matos for a quote. Although Dra. Matos is skilled, I'm still Team ALMONTE.
Back to the topic, lol Gianna Colombia have 1 to 2 24 hr Nurses on duty at a time and the RH only rooms 6 dolls, which, I love!!! Their is a laundry room on site.
I'm so ready now!!!

Gianna Colombia- Facebook her!!!

Good Evening dolls. Regardless of whatever Doctor you are going to in the DR or RH you are staying at, Gianna Colombia is a massage therapist who have worked with all dolls from Yily to Duran to Baez and etc. Gianna Colombia works closely with them all! She have tons of before and after pics and many dolls have posted reviews on her page. Her page is very informative!!! Go look for yourself!!!

Any Doll from Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo NY Area?!?

Will any dolls be going to the DR for surgery from the Rochester or Buffalo area? I haven't found anyone yet. It's okay u can come forth, I promise I won't bite. Lol
On another note, I am so Dra. Almonte!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her work is freaking amazing. I am in love. I promise I am!!!!!!!

Passport is here!!! it just got real

I finally received my Passport!!! Just waiting on my daughter' s to come. My Jamaican friend girl is already trying to make plans for my daughter and I to go to Jamaica for a week with her. But my main focus is this Surgery. I promise it consumes my day. Can't wait til this chapter of my life is over!!!

Dra. Fatima Almonte info. Anyone???

Me: A work in progress!!!

I am currently at 210. I was told that since I am going for a drastic BBL of 1600cc's per cheek and 500 cc's per hip that I should maintain my current weight. So that I would have enough fat to harvest!!! However, I do plan on dropping down to 190. Hitting the gym hoping to lose some arm fat before having them lipoed to better my results.

" Realistic" Wish Pic!?!?

I believe that my wish pics are achievable especially with Dra Almonte skills!!! People are going to talk anyway once I come back from the DR looking more curvy, thick and round. So why not give them something to really talk about???

Don't want them to wonder if I got surgery by taking one glance at me they should know that I've been upgraded!!! I know it's little unorthodox especially compared to a lot of the more conservative women on this site. Oh well, to each his own!!!

Hemo is 13.6!!! Surgery ready

God is truly on my side!!! I was born anemic. So bad that I wear a jacket all year long. Since the beginning of my journey I have feared not being healthy enough to have my surgery. But God...........he will give u your heart's desire if u trust him!!!
I went in for my annual exam/blood work and my results of course came back healthy with hemoglobin of 13.6!!! Wow I'm feeling so blessed rite now. Can't stop thanking God. He is truly answers prayers!!!
Hopefully I can get my hemo up to 14+ the day of surgery but if I don''s all good!!!

Recent pics of Me !!!

I now weigh 220 pounds. Ugh what is wrong with me? I need to be losing weight not gaining it !!! Although my my surgery is not til February, im going to start dieting. 20 pounds is not alot to drop in 4 months but i got to start. I'm in dire need of a good appetite suppressant that won't cause gitters or insomnia. Any suggestions?

Video of massage after Tt and Bbl

Massage after TT and BBL. ouch
This is probably the first massage couple days after surgery. Look very painful.

Dental work in DR !!!

After days of research, God blessed me to come across a Dentist in the DR with both experience and good looks. His name is Dr. Juan Luis Liranzo. His work is posted up on Instagram. I am just awaiting a quote. Cross my fingers !!!

OMG Recent DEATH in the D.R ???

So I woke up early this Morning to find posted all over Facebook a young woman that had died in the Dominican Republican on yesterday. She was having full body lipo done by a Doctor whose name have yet to be released. Sources say that she had a heart attack on the surgery table. This is a very sad case as she is the Mother of small children.
The unfortunate ordeal really have me 2nd guessing this surgery thing. Smh my family is already against the surgery. I don't have much more to say about it. But my heart and tears go out to the young lady family. May she rest in peace!!!

Soon to be Dra.Lima Princess!!!

I have been team Dra.Almonte from day one. I love that fact that she works great with thicker size women but now after seeing Dra.Lima recent patients pics im sold!!! Dra. Lima is also producing great results at a cheaper cost. He have quoted me $4500 for a tt, bbl, bl and full body lipo. A patient was 240 pounds going into surgery but was 208 pounds afterwards. I need that kind of miracle. Lol

Another Death in the D.R.

Sad to say but it was reported in one of the private surgery groups on Facebook that another Doll have lost her life due to surgery. She died of a Heart Attack, red blood cells contain oxygen. If your Hemo is to low not enough oxygen is traveling to your heart and lungs. Therefore it can cause one to go into cardiac arrest. Please educate yourself ladies make sure you check hemo. She went to Dr. Robles. It was stated that Doctor Robles did ALL she could do to save her !!! My heart is so heavy rite now. And i am stressing hard about having surgery. Honestly, I can't imagine not returning home to my daughter. She is my life and I'm all she have. Please take a moment and say a prayer for this Angel's Family and Dr.Robles. A n d for my heavy heart

Got my EKG Results!!!

Even though my surgery isn't scheduled til March 2nd, I went ahead and had my EKG done. The Nurse read the results back to me stating that it is Perfect!!! I'm too happy to know that. And i should be getting my results back from my CBC and Hemoglobin test. Last i checked my hemo was 13.6. I'm praying that it is over 14 so i can get my full body lipo, tt, bbl, and bl done at once. And I plan on completing these test a week before surgery. Dolls please stay on top of your test. Don't risk your lives !!!
Ugh, well on another note, i have not lost the 20 pounds suggested by the Doctor. I blame it on the darn Holidays. Smh I gotta do better. I'm not wanting to waste my money cause honey i need Dr.Lima to snatch this body of mind.
#wish pics

Diabetes??? R U SERIOUS???

So I received a phone call this Morning from my Doctor's Office saying that the rest of my test results came in and I have Diabetes. I'm like r u serious? ??? My heart sink into my chest like tears began to roll down my face. I'm still in disbelief. I called my Mom and she ended up phoning my Sisters and their like "U still can't be considering Surgery "??? So i contacted both Dra Almonte assistant Lesley and Dra Lima assistant Janet and was told by both that i can see an Endocrinologist to determine if i am healthy enough for Surgery and up to how many Procedures I can have done at once.
I'm like this can't be happening to me I'm almost 2 months away. Smh. R there any Ladies who are experiencing, have experienced, or know of someone who have ??? I need and can use some words of advise or encouraging words.

Switching from Dra. Lima

Sorry Dolls I haven't updated in a minute. I'm back in school with not much free time. However, I'm taking a break to fill u in on some stuff.
I am no longer having surgery with Dra. Lima. I have had the opportunity to see some of his most recent work and I'm just not impressed with his BBL work and that is so important to me. I'm in love with his Breast work and TT. He's the best hands down!!! He also have a great team behind him. He's extremely responsive and caring . Therefore it breaks my heart to change Doctors but I must!!! I want round hips with an even rounded button. No I don't want a "Donk" but it have to be nice and round. That's what I'm paying for. Right??? Ugh, I'm more upset with myself for not being content and believing that something is better than nothing. But in year 2015 I'm refusing to settle for anything less than Happiness. I just can't. Any suggestions, Opinions, or words of Encouragement??? I can really use some rite now. J/S
#Team YILY

Dr. Malonando Doll in 4 days!!!

It's hard to believe that it's finally my turn. After years of research, I'm days away from having my body snatched!!! My plane ticket and recovery house is paid for. I also sent the $500 deposit that Dr. Maldonado required. Tuesday is MY day. I'm both nervous and excited. Please pray for me dolls!!!

No Surgery as of yet!!!

Days before flying to the D.R. I came down with an infection. I was running high fevers, I had sharp headaches, and was feeling very nauseated. I went to see my PCP she gave me some antibiotics and advised me against flying until I was clear.
Dolls I was so devastated!!! All last year leading up to now, I've been HEALTHY. But now days away from doing what I've dreamed and planned for, I get sick??? So I called my dad in tears but it's a good thing that he is a Preacher cause he got a way of speaking peace into a situation. My Daddy told me that, "All good things work together for the good of those who loves the Lord." He said daughter I know that you are upset right now but God allows everything to happen for a reason. He said could you imagine traveling to a third world country , undergoing a major surgery , all while having infection in your body??? God makes NO mistakes!!! It may not always feel good but God is working it out for your good.
After my Dad told me that I asked God to forgive me for questioning Him. And I began to praise Him. Yes I was sick but I was sick around family and not thousands of miles away, Alone.

I am now planning to have surgery on April 8th. If God say the same!!!

Dolls I must admit that this whole ordeal have been a spiritual, physical, and emotional rollercoaster for me. But I'm determined to keep going cause God promised to give me the desires of my Heart if I trust Him.

I would like to apologize to all the dolls that have been following my journey and was hoping to see some of Dr. Maldonado recent work. I'm still going to him. He is gifted. Just give me time to take care of me. Please keep me in your prayers!!!

Rescheduled Dr. Maldonado Doll April 15!!!

Yassssss I'm so excited I've been clear by my doctor to travel!!! So I'm scheduled with Dr. Maldonado for April 15. I was able to change my flight at NO additional cost. Thank God for trip protection!!! It's the best $34 you cab spend especially traveling abroad for surgery. Medical Emergencies are covered it's great to have. Anywho ladies I'm praying that everything work out for me. Because I want this so bad. Well not my will but Lord l pray that your will be done in my life realizing that You have that last say. And Lord I come to you because I know that you have all power in your hand and is able to do anything but Fail. Lord I've tried you time after time and I've found you to be a way maker. Lord God I've even found you to be a healer. Lord God continue to shield and protect me, lead, and guide me in your name I pray Amen!!!

All Packed!!! #D.R. READY

Yassss. So I'm completely packed and ready to go!!! I am nervous Dolls about airport security and bag checks. I plan on traveling with (30) $100 bills on me to pay for surgery. And i have 2 bags of medication (1) full of vitamins and (1) full of prescription meds. Will security ask about the medication? If so do I say it's for surgery? I was told to tell the D.R. Customs that I was vacationing or visiting a friend. Did anyone have any problems??? Or am I letting my nerves get the best of me??? Please Dolls place your experience on getting off the plan in D.R. Please!!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Maldonado is my surgeon.

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