My journey began last year but due to poor eating...

My journey began last year but due to poor eating habits, I went from weighing 175 to 210 pounds. How so ever, i'm now back on track and more determined than ever. I am looking into a surgery date of February 9, 2015. This date will give me enough time to save up and prepare myself both physically and mentally. Did I tell u that I have to lose 30+ pounds for surgery. Ugh I hate dieting just as much as I hate being fat. Lol


Welcome to RS ! Great job on the recent weight loss! You can do this! Check out my part 2 journal for ideas on loving loosing weight it references my visalus shake I drunk before and still on now to maintain and it taste great and it works, quickly , filling and easy! If u leave a comment on part one I can't reply due to the page is do full! Enjoy your journey, post post post! Best wishes!!!
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Recommendations DR YILY by far for your frame then dr. Baez!!!
Good luck. I will be following you. I have a great feeling you will look so hot after your procedure. Just got mine done last week.
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Dra. Baez gives 1500 to 1700cc per cheek

I emailed Dra. Baez at about 10:30pm with my pics and quote request. She emailed me back within minutes quoting me at $3800 for a bbl and tt. Dra. Baez said it would be $5000 if I included a BL. I explained to her that I wanted a small waistline with round hips and butt. I sent Dra.Baez a wish pic and she said that I could receive the look with a tummy tuck and 1500 to 1700cc in each cheek. If she could give my desired look at this price I would love her for I asked Dra. Baez if she could send me a picture of her patient that recieved 1500cc per cheek.
Minutes later I received the picture and I wasn't very impressed!!! The young woman had a small fame and weighed maybe, 160 pounds. Her hips and butt were not as round as I expected. It looks good on the patient but I'm not sure if it would do satisfy me. Hmmmmm, i'm not so sure about this doctor. Feedback, anyone???


Yeah thanks. Honestly i'm leaning towards Dra. Diaz or Dra. Yily. Either way, I'm praying for great results.
Thanks. I pray so. And congrats on your surgery :-)

Dra. Baez or Dra. Diaz??? Any suggestions???

I recieved a quote from Dra. Diaz:
The quote for Tummy Tuck + BBL+ Breast Lift (without implants) is 5800 US dollars and this quotes includes: blood work, x-ray, ekg, cardiovascular evaluation, anesthesiologist, surgical procedure, one night at clinic, garment, bra, massages and follow up. Can make a package with 10 days stay, transportation from-to airport and post op meds for 6800 US dollars.
I have looked at a lot Dra. Diaz patient reviews and I love the projection that he gives. That is $2000 more than what Dra. Baez quoted me at. At this time, I'm struggling with Budget vs. Results. I'm wanting to keep my quote $4000 or under. So if I go with Dra. Diaz I won't be getting a Breast lift. His deposit is also $500.
So far, Dra. Baez have the most reasonable prices and as stated before her work is good. And her deposit is only $300.
I'm so torn right now!!! All I do know is that I'm ready to send off a deposit but to who? I desperately need help in deciding. Ladies???


As a person who saw Dr. Diaz paitents first hand in DR if you want a SNATCHED waist he's not the one your better off with Yily, Duran, or Cabral. Same with Baez they both give very natural results.
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I have seen alot of Dra Yily patient pics and yes their waist get snatched but their butts are not always big and round. Of course I am unsure of the amount of cc's they agree on per cheek. Do u have any post op pics that u can share?
Sorry I don't post pics anymore. Ppl steal and put them on IG or FB. What I will say is that my butt went from 44 to 47 and I have HIPS which I didn't have before. If you want a for sure ass then Cabral or Duran, Yily is hit or miss. Baez patients lose fat and have to go back for round 2. In the recovery house I was at 4 girls were Baez dolls and none had ass

Natural Look Vs Big Booty Judy???

Not exactly sure of the look I am going for. I don't want the shape f my new butt too big that it looks deformed or too natural that one can barely tell a difference. My friends say that" I shouldn't make it look too obvious that I got work done". Honestly I can care less about what others r going to say. As long as I'm happy with my results! Since the age of 18 I have been wanting to enhance my look. And now God have equipped me with the resources to do so. I basically told my friends that "I love me and the people that loves me r the only ones that matter." I'm doing it for me and my family support it!!! Wish pics below


Yep chevy BARBIE is correct that's Dr. Cabral all day! But you may not be that MISS u can't go wrong w Yily , dr. Baez or cabral!!! Remember take ur time, it's ur decision in the end and BUGET! Making your priority SAFETY, cleanliness, natural projection cause is gals will grow older and you want to do this GRACEFULLY NOT OOPS what happened to that lol old lady she attached somebody eleses booty to her! Lol this is so stressful we must find humor somewhere in this... And oh bedside manner!!! End the end it's ur decision YOU will only have to live with !!! You'll know what PS is for you becz the interview will be so comfortable, welcoming, educating about your body and flowing conversation w the PS HIM OR HERSELF!!!
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Typo.... Us girlies!

Dra. Almonte Doll to Be!!!

So after countless sleepless nights straight obsessing over this website reviewing both Dra. Baez and Dra. Almonte patient's. I am glad to announce without any hesitation that Feb 2015 I will be a Almonte Doll!!! I love the snatched waistline that she gives with the round butts. Dra. Almonte gives up to 1600cc's per cheek. Wow. Might be a bit much??? Maybe not!!!

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Dra. Almonte Dolls!!! love it


Wish you were going 2 weeks later so I could have a buddy
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When you going
Monday,February 9, 2015.

Gianna Colombia Recovery House???

Lady Duvall gave a great review on Gianna Colombia Recovery House. Her info Whatsapp (829) 445-0205
She responded within hrs quoting me at
$1045 for 10 days which includes massages. Is that a deal???
I have not found many reviews on her. However, will keep y'all posted.


Y don't you do paradise 750 for 10 days? It's very nice from the wed site
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I'm so happy right now!!! Gianna Colombia was giving a one day special to include 10 day stay at her RH, 10 massages and 5 facials, and transportation for $750 with the deposit of $200. I thought that her original price of $1045 was a bit much but I was still willing to pay for excellent service. After praying about it, this must be a sign from God!!! I'm too blessed! Lol
Do she have a site of the rh?

Gianna Colombia Recovery House! it is

I thank God for blessing me to connect with this beautiful, friendly, business oriented woman!!! Every since I contacted her on Whatsapp, we have been conversation. No question left unanswered. Did I mention that She is the licensed massage therapist. She provide services like a full body wrap the night before surgery to micro demabrasion face mask. Past dolls have stated that Gianna Colombia goes above and beyond for your happiness. Honestly, I have not yet read negative review about her.
She even put me in direct contact with Dra. Disnalda Matos for a quote. Although Dra. Matos is skilled, I'm still Team ALMONTE.
Back to the topic, lol Gianna Colombia have 1 to 2 24 hr Nurses on duty at a time and the RH only rooms 6 dolls, which, I love!!! Their is a laundry room on site.
I'm so ready now!!!

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Gianna Colombia- Facebook her!!!

Good Evening dolls. Regardless of whatever Doctor you are going to in the DR or RH you are staying at, Gianna Colombia is a massage therapist who have worked with all dolls from Yily to Duran to Baez and etc. Gianna Colombia works closely with them all! She have tons of before and after pics and many dolls have posted reviews on her page. Her page is very informative!!! Go look for yourself!!!


I have posted some pics in my review. But u can also contact her with the Whatsapp and ask her to add u to her group and u will see everything! !!
Yes they have a actual site w/pictures under

Any Doll from Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo NY Area?!?

Will any dolls be going to the DR for surgery from the Rochester or Buffalo area? I haven't found anyone yet. It's okay u can come forth, I promise I won't bite. Lol
On another note, I am so Dra. Almonte!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her work is freaking amazing. I am in love. I promise I am!!!!!!!


Hey hun i cant seem to find her on FB.. please whats her exact facebook name?
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Gianna Colombia send her a friend request asking to be added to her private GC house of Barbies RH. Her Whatsapp contact info is (829) 445-0205. Dra Fatima Anadel Almonte Rodriguez is her Facebook username. Dra. Almonte Whatsapp contact info is (829) 333-9660. The both respond very quickly on the Whatsapp. Good luck doll
I couldn't find her under that name

Passport is here!!! it just got real

I finally received my Passport!!! Just waiting on my daughter' s to come. My Jamaican friend girl is already trying to make plans for my daughter and I to go to Jamaica for a week with her. But my main focus is this Surgery. I promise it consumes my day. Can't wait til this chapter of my life is over!!!


Fatima Anadel Almonte Rodriguez is her Facebook name. Sorry about that no Dra in front. Good luck hun

Dra. Fatima Almonte info. Anyone???

2 Comments's my birthday tomorrow and I've been wanting a more fuller booty. I have booty although, it's not plump enough for me. Anyways so I've been wanting a BBL for the longest and a smaller waist. Does anyone have anyone have any suggestions or good reviews on their surgery that would make me more comfortable in my decision?
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I've read a lot reviews of docs in dr & I picked Dra Almonte her wrk is great! Her assistant Lesley is great as well download whatsapp @8293339660 @independent2

Me: A work in progress!!!

I am currently at 210. I was told that since I am going for a drastic BBL of 1600cc's per cheek and 500 cc's per hip that I should maintain my current weight. So that I would have enough fat to harvest!!! However, I do plan on dropping down to 190. Hitting the gym hoping to lose some arm fat before having them lipoed to better my results.


Hi Ms. Humble Booty, Congrats to u for deciding to take this beautiful journey. Looking at tire photos, you don't look fat. You must have some height cuz I have the same body shape and weigh 213 and I look a lot bigger than you. So maybe you shouldn't lose Abby weight cuz they need those extra fat cells! Good luck to you. Blessings & Happy Headings
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Happy Healings!
Aww. Thanks hun for your kind words. I know what Leslie, Dra. Almonte assistant, told me about maintaining my current weigh but I need to get healthy for surgery. Hopefully, a weight loss of 20 pounds won't affect my results too much? Have u decided on a doctor, surgery date, or recovery house???

" Realistic" Wish Pic!?!?

I believe that my wish pics are achievable especially with Dra Almonte skills!!! People are going to talk anyway once I come back from the DR looking more curvy, thick and round. So why not give them something to really talk about???

Don't want them to wonder if I got surgery by taking one glance at me they should know that I've been upgraded!!! I know it's little unorthodox especially compared to a lot of the more conservative women on this site. Oh well, to each his own!!!


Yes, I understand about wanting to be healthy. I'm going to have sx with Almonte. I will have it 6/15 and as of now, I'm planning on staying at Armonia. Hopefully before this week us over, I will have paid my deposit and have my date!
Yes, I understand about wanting to be healthy. I'm going to have sx with Almonte. I will have it 6/15 and as of now, I'm planning on staying at Armonia. Hopefully before this week us over, I will have paid my deposit and have my date!

Hemo is 13.6!!! Surgery ready

God is truly on my side!!! I was born anemic. So bad that I wear a jacket all year long. Since the beginning of my journey I have feared not being healthy enough to have my surgery. But God...........he will give u your heart's desire if u trust him!!!
I went in for my annual exam/blood work and my results of course came back healthy with hemoglobin of 13.6!!! Wow I'm feeling so blessed rite now. Can't stop thanking God. He is truly answers prayers!!!
Hopefully I can get my hemo up to 14+ the day of surgery but if I don''s all good!!!

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Recent pics of Me !!!

I now weigh 220 pounds. Ugh what is wrong with me? I need to be losing weight not gaining it !!! Although my my surgery is not til February, im going to start dieting. 20 pounds is not alot to drop in 4 months but i got to start. I'm in dire need of a good appetite suppressant that won't cause gitters or insomnia. Any suggestions?


You will be a fox by this time next doll, dont worry about it feb will be here before you know it. Remember we are our own worst critics.
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Thanks doll. People tell me that i dont look fat. Ive learned over the yrs to dress for my size. I love some me !!! Just need physical changes. Thats all

Video of massage after Tt and Bbl

Massage after TT and BBL. ouch
This is probably the first massage couple days after surgery. Look very painful.


When did you have your massage. I want to go there.
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Good luck on losing the weight. Currently trying to do the same. :)
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Dra. Yily, Dra. Baez or Dra. Diaz

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