26 Yr Old Mother of One. I Need my Surgery ASAP - Dominican Republic

I'm so annoyed, I've been planning and researching...

I'm so annoyed, I've been planning and researching my surgery over 9 months and all the surgeons I contacted still never contacted me back. My first dr was dr Duran, I sent her the pics and I never reviewed a response, 2nd dr was dr yily and no response, I don't know what else to do, I kno I'm a lil overweight but I was losing pounds jus for better results and health reasons. I'm 5'3 180 lbs. I already lost 20 lbs I'm trying to be atleast 140 b4 my surgery if I ever get a response


.Finally Duran replied to the email I sent at 3am today lol and got a response by 936am. I sent two more request through her website at 3am too to let her know about email with pics and i relisted the procedures in webform. She said $3800 for bbl and all the lipo or $4700 if i need a mini tt. She said that she cant tell from pics but once we are face to face it would be better. Im finally a little relieved. One down and one to go. Yay me!
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Congrats and good luck
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I dont think you need to lose any more weight... And congratulations on your weight so far. I too have been waiting on a response from Yily and Duran. Its been a week and I called the offices. Anyways, they are backlogged. They get over 60 emails a day so patience is key I guess. Thats why I havent posted. Waiting on them over a week. Good luck. Keep me posted
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