24 Y/O with SERIOUS Self Esteem Issues... Dominican Republic

Hi all, I've been on RS for a while stalking...

Hi all,

I've been on RS for a while stalking journeys, admiring and planning my surgery. I am scheduled to see Dr. Joel Maldonado on July 8th for a BBL & Lipo. I've already booked my flight and I guess this is all just now becoming very real..LOL

I need help...

I started taking prenatal vitamins as I've been told they're great for a multi-vitamin..Is this OK? I've read on RS that there are certain vitamins that Dr.'s recommend you stop taking prior to surgery. Any one suggest any vitamins in particular?

Also, what are you guys taking for your stay?

Ill upload pix soon, xoxo
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Hey I was looking t have surgery with him next month - please let us know how it went...
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Congrats on your journey! Usually anything that thins out the blood doctors recommend you stop taking. Any Biotin, Vitamin E or D you should stop taking about 2 weeks before surgery. Also birth control and appetite supressants. I have never heard of this doctor, how did you find him?
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Hi! Thank you... He worked on a few friends and family members of mine.. And has done an amazing job.. He's pretty difficult to google but he is on Facebook where you can find before and after pictures and pictures of his clinic..
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Hi! And thank you! I have a lot of family and friends who have gotten work done with him and he works wonders from what I've seen. I've been able to talk to him through what's app.. And have seen pictures of the clinic and other procedures he does on Facebook..
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Welcome to RS. !
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Welcome and congrats..!
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