I, Soooo Excited and Nervous and Anxious - Dominican Republic, DO

I'm really nervous and excited I looked up dr...

I'm really nervous and excited I looked up dr Duran and was reading Alll her reviews and decided to go with her I hope it's worth it i, still waiting for her to reply bak with a quote I want to get a bbl breast augemntation n lipo sculpture on my inner thighs n arms I hope everything goes as I planned n it cums out perfect
I will be there around that time...yaaaaah
Whose Ur doctors I'm lookin to go with a buddy
Welcome n good luck! Ill be getting full body lipo with my bbl and breast augmentation with Duran in 54 days! Aahhh :) you'll look amazing.

I need a buddy to go with

I'm from New York looking to go march 1st to dr yily de Los santos I'm gettin full lipo of back sides flanks stomach waist inner arms n inner thighs bbl n tummy tuck if any gals goin let. Me know
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