26 Mother of 2...tummy Tuck/breast Lift - Dominican Republic, DO

So far doctor Medina has been great Ive received...

So far doctor Medina has been great Ive received my quote. I just had my daughter 6/20/2014, Ive needed this since my first child. Before baby I weigh in at 135lbs the day i gave birth I weighed in at 210 yikes...... Im super excited to finally start this journey looking at her before and afters she does a body good lol.
I am going to see her in 2 weeks. She seems to be an amazing surgeon ;)
When are you planning to go? I'm may be looking for a travel buddy.
Congrats on ur decision! She does seem nice... we emailed & texted when I was 1st looking for a dr. She has great reveiws also.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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