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My goal is to have a better body and a butt like...

My goal is to have a better body and a butt like the girl in my profile picture I don't want a HUGE ASS I want a bigger one and a noticeable one that fits proportioned to my body, any ass is bigger than what I have now, just don't want a nicki minaj one or kim k butt. lol but im very excited I have a quote from Doctor Baez and will be planning to go in February next year and I'm so ready to look sexier and take all this extra fat and transfer it . I have a skinny fat body and I hate it! It makes me feel like I cant wear certain clothes because of it! I want to be more sexier and curvier since I have some fat they can move it for me! lol anyways I cant wait! im 27! Its time to look better and feel sexy! :)
Good girl and welcome to RS where the real players at...lbs I wish you nothing but the best on your journey to the New you! Muah
thank you!!! :)

NERVOUS about the BBL from DEATH to PAIN from reading everyones stories!

I'm very sure I want this surgery and yes for the price and the way they do work in DR it seems to be popular and that's where I want to go , but after reading some girls stories about women dying there and what not. I keep trying to look that up or why it happened? I chose doctor Baez because she does good with smaller frames too and I find some doctors only do wonders for thicker girls already. I'm scared lol and freaking out I hope this is the right decision and im not just reading false information as well!!
Baez is one of safer surgeons in D.R. since she's associated with a hospital vs. an independent facility. Did you decide to go through with it?
I'm going in February. What day was you looking at?
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