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Does Botox Work on Everyone?

It didn't last at all. And I was never really...

It didn't last at all. And I was never really happy. I did it because my husband passed away and I felt like it really took a toll on my eyes.

I read that the doctor can make the solution weak by the amount of saline added to bottle. I had my injection on April 8th and you would never know it now. I had 20 units.

How do I know for next time. What questions do I ask? Or does Botox not work on everybody? I am 46 and have always taken care of my skin but my eyes are showing my age. Even when not smiling I have wrinkles under my eyes.

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dysport is now beginning to be used in u.s. i think it wouldnt hurt to try it to see if you got longer results. it is a botulinum A, like botox, so i see no downside in trying it.
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I have had botox for about 8 years now. I have never had long lasting effects and have tried everything uping the dosage did increase its effect but not its longevity. I have even had a nurse who worked for the Pharmacutical compay that distributes botox try different injection and dillution techniques and still my results last only 4-6 weeks. I have learned this is more common then shared. I know of at least 8 people who are in the 4 to 6 week range. I am currentley researching GFX and Dysport. Any feedback on that welcome
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hi wncgirl. like i said earlier injetors can dilute the botox any way they choose, however its not about the dilution it is about the dose. how many units did u receive? also sometimes the injection can be given to deep and miss the ocularis muscle altogether. again with injectors it is not their licensure that counts as much as their experience. hope this helps
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The lines are not right underneath my eyes. But below where your smile lines form. And sun damage I think. That is where the Doc injected the Botox. I wanted to know if Doctors make the solution weak to get you to come back sooner and what do I ask the next Doctor when I have it done again. I want to try again.
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Hi WNCGirl - I too am having a problem with my botox "sticking". The first time I have ever had botox was at the end of Dec. '08. After about a week for the full effects to show it only lasted 3 more weeks. My husband and I live in another state Jan. thru May so I waited to have it done again in May when we got back. I just had botox injected again on May 19th. Took about a week to show full effects and now it's starting to wear off again. I am so discouraged because for the brief times the botox was in full effect it looked GREAT! I loved it. I'm going back to the practitioner next week to have her take a look and discuss. The receptionist in the office asked me in January and again today if I exercise a lot as that causes some people to process botox faster. Believe me, I do NO exercise that much! I would appreciate anyone's feedback on this.
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where did u have the botox placed. what were u trying to acheive? wrinkles directly under the eyes are not effectively treated with botox. yes botox is reconstituded with saline as it comes in a powder form.
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