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Had the procedure done - only ONCE- more than a...

Had the procedure done - only ONCE- more than a year ago and now have lumpy, discolored areas on both thighs. Additionally, I have gained significant weight in the area despite diet and exercise. Some physicians are still practicing the procedure - PLEASE read this form and be very, very leery. I am submitting my info to the class action lawyers - this procedure should be banned from practice!!


As a plastic surgeon I was asked to comment on local television about lipodissolve. I do not nor have I ever performed the injections. I did, however, review the world literature and found not one article supporting benefits of the procedure. I did find a number reporting complications. I would advise anyone to avoid these injection therapies for now. I have seen patients ruined by lipodissolve. Liposuction works very well, is safe, and has very brief convalescence.
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oh my god your commet has just really frightened me i had it done on my face and i cant open my mouth properly ever since.
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From what I know about this procedure it takes more than one treatment to have the desired affects. If you are unhappy after one treatment, then maybe you should have gone back for the rest of them!
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