I went for my initial consult and was greeted by a...

I went for my initial consult and was greeted by a most warm and friendly receptionist. I believe her name was Penny. That was the only positive thing I can say about my experience. The consultant lied to me sold me things that when I met with the doctor he said I didn't need. Who are these consultants are they medically trained or just salespeople dressed up to look like professionals? Don't bother taking the 100 off coupon they give you, they will tell you they are already giving you a discount. Things only got worse. The day of the procedure I was given the oral medication 10 minutes before the surgery started. I then had about 25 shots that hurt like hell. The procedure took 3 1/2 hours not a lunchhour as advertised. I looked awful and the pain is terrible afterwards. It took four weeks for the swelling and bruising to go away and my eyelids are still numb. It doesn't take long before you look saggy again. SAVE YOUR MONEY GET A REAL FACELIFT!!!

I recomend you to go to the new Lifestyle Lift office in Charlotte, North Carolina. The 2 previous physicians are no longer in that office. Since January 2009 there is a new physicain and you can notice the difference in how the patients are treated and the quality of the lifts.
The Lifestyle Lift and the Quicklift are NOT the same. The Quicklift lifts the muscle underneath not just the skin on top. It also lifts the neck. I am 48 and had the Quicklift in June 08 along with an upper eye bleph plus Juvederm in my lips. Although the recovery is much longer then they lead you to believe (4 days , no way to a couple of weeks)I wasn't presentable for 2 1/2 weeks because of the bruising, the change is absolutely amazing. My jowls are gone and all the wrinkles around my mouth have vanished. My crows feet are much, much softer since with the QL they start at your temple and go down around the front and back of your ear. I was worried I would look different or pulled but I just look younger. It wasn't a piece of cake by anymeans but I would do it again in a second. My friend had it done as well and she is very pleased with her results.
Sounds pretty scripted...I hear your am amazing eye dr....
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