59 Year Old- Had First Vi-peel -Dix Hills, NY

I was told about a Vi-peel by a NP (nurse...

I was told about a Vi-peel by a NP (nurse practitioner). I researched the procedure and decided to give it a try. I found Dr. Romero, who is located in Dix Hills, NY who did the vi-peel. The procedure took 10 minutes and the peeling process occurred over 3 days. I cannot begin to express how satisfied I am with the results. I am 59 years old and have never had any type of peel in the past. The peel removed the wrinkles both under and on top of my eyes and improved the clarity of my complexion. I am highly satisfied with the results.
Thanks for sharing.  What was the peeling process like?  Could you go out or did you have a molting snake sort of look going on?
I was able to go out, but was advised to use sunscreen, which I did and I wore a hat as well. The doctor told me I could wear makeup but I choose not too. I live in New York and I had the procedure done around labor day, so the weather was still warm. The peeling process took approximately a week.

picture 3 or 4 days post peel

as you can see I had abrasions under my eyes and were concerned they were going to scar or leave permanent marks. I returned to the Dr. Romero's office and voiced my concerns. Dr. Romero assured me this was a normal part of the process. I plan on going back when I need another one. I am so happy with the results. The peel eliminated lines from the top of my eyelids and the under eye area. My complexion is so much clearer and the peel also closed my pores very nicely. The peel also removed alot of brown blotches from my face, producing a more even toned , glowing complexion. I took this picture because I was really concerned about the scabbing under the eyes.
regarding your question about the peeling process....yes for a couple of days there was heavy peeling going on, however I was given a post peel moisturizer to apply to my face & this cream (which contains hydrocortizone) camouflaged the "scaliness". Although I choose not to wear makeup during the entire process, I don't see any reason why it cannot be applied.

post peel

I wish I had a better picture to post for the community to see the wonderful results. Will update this review shortly.

this is the best pic I have for post peel

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Thanks for the info helpful, if you were able to purchase the peel and you're not a medical professional, the strength of the ingredients aren't the same as what a doctor would use, but that doesn't mean it doesn't work. Perhaps you had less to remove than I did. I'm glad it worked for you and I will definitely look into the product you are speaking of. You're right, the vi-peel is expensive, even if you only do it twice a year.
Judging by the peeling you experienced post peel, their actions are similar. I suppose every company that manufacture's them call them something different. The key to finding out what type of peel you're getting is to ask what the active ingredients are. You mentioned you have had more than one peel, do you mind telling me how often you get them done? The doctor told me the one I had should be done every six months...
Dr. William Romero

Dr. William Romero performed the procedure. Although this was my first peel and my first encounter with Dr. Romero I have returned to him since this time for other procedures. His staff and bedside manner are exceptionally professional, he's very knowledgeable and informed me of the options available to me. He answered all my questions and alleviated my fears. I have been to other medical professionals performing cosmetic procedures and some of them have literally just taken my money for nothing. I have learned how to "spot" this individuals and Dr. Romero is not one of them.

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