Positive Results with Radiesse Dr. Romero Dix Hills, New York for 59 Yr Old

What makes a medically trained professional good...

What makes a medically trained professional good at injecting cosmetic fillers? I could elaborate on how great Dr. Romero and his staff are (and believe me, they ARE all of that), but bedside manner alone doesn't produce positive results. Every professional who performed this procedure prior to Dr. Romero were all nice, but none of them gave me such satisfying results.

I am not a medical professional, but I do have an educational background in nursing. My personal experiences with this procedure has given me some insight of the importance of finding the right physician to perform the procedure.

I have had fillers done by others and upon leaving their office, the results "seemed" positive, but when the inflammation disappeared I was left very disappointed. When you are poked with a needle there is going to be inflammation (swelling). I have been to five other offices, two were board certified surgeons, two were nurse practitioners and one doctor was a gynecologist None of the above left me with positive lasting results that Dr. Romero has. At times I contacted the previous offices and expressed my dissatisfaction, however this usually involved additional charges and some of them did nothing at all. I had felt as if I had wasted alot of money.

The research I had done prior to considering fillers told me there was an "artistic" component to injecting Radiesse. Whether the other places I had gone to lacked this artistic component or if the medication was defective is still a mystery to me, but the results I saw after visiting Dr. Romero have been nothing but positive. A picture is worth a 1000 words to please view my photos and see the results for yourself.

BTW, Dr. Romero was the ONLY one who asked to see a picture of me during my younger years. The others never even bothered to ask. If you are considering fillers, especially if you live on Long Island, I highly recommend Dr. Romero. He's skilled, a true artist, stays current in the latest procedures, and took a sincere interest in me as a person. Fillers are not cheap, I am not rich, and Dr. Romero's prices are reasonable, but more importantly I am highly satisfied with the results. I am grateful I found him!!!

Updated pictures

I have posted three additional pictures entitled "before", "after" and 6 months after.
Dr. William Romero

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I have updated the photos you can view before, after and six months after.
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Upon re-reading my post I realized that I never uploaded both the before and after pictures. I'm trying to locate both pictures and will update this post shortly.
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What did you have done? I just see one picture
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Another picture is uploaded. More to come.
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Hi Naye10: thanks for bringing that to my attention. I have updated the photos with before, after and 6 months after.
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Thanks so much for sharing! It looks like you had your forehead done, then...? How many syringes did you get and where? It's great that your dr. asked to see a photo of you in younger days! 
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He applied to syringes of Radiesse to give me more volume in the cheek area. I'm not sure if Radiesse is used in the forehead area or not. The picture uploaded that way but if you click on the picture you get an image of my entire face.
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I think that's important. Please note that I am not expecting to look like I did 30 years ago, just would like to be the best I can be at the age I am. As we age, we loose volume and some more than others.
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