Disappointed with Smartlipo Results

I had smartlipo done on my arms two years ago. I...

I had smartlipo done on my arms two years ago. I am not happy with the results...My arms have indentations and fat pockets...It is not uniform...Will I be able to repeat the procedure and get the results I am hoping for...I am disfigured and can never expose my upper arms...I feel my doctor that I chose was inexperienced...

If unsatisfied with smartlipo procedure on my arms...Would I be able to repeat procedure for better results?

I had smartlipo on my arms to primarily tighten them...did not need them any smaller. The doctor was Board Certified according to his website. I also had thighs done...tighten and inner thigh lift. Thighs look like container eggs packed in..can no longer take yoga due to legs unable to open...hurts to open enough to do a PAP smear...he actually said if he had tightened the skin anymore I would not have been able to open my legs! Back to the arms...they looked so bad I asked him to repeat going in from elbow angle throwing good money after bad but desparate. He also promisted he would repair a fist size indention in my thigh where the laser took out too much.....on office visit he broke his promise.....said the skin graft might make it worse looking then a big indention....I told him I was willing to risk it and and knew there were treatments to smooth the skin out but nothing but a skin graft to put volumn back once it is removed. I Spent almost $15000 dollars and people have asked me how did I injure my arms. A Good lie is injections ...I am not a diabetic but anyone that is insensitive enough to ask that kind of question usually shuts up. I am a registered nurse, live at the beach, will probably never wear a bathing suit again...capri's at best....maybe some short sleeve shirts. Even being Board Certified does not mean they are good....just means they can pass competiencies.....have done certain number of that type of surgeries....had no lawsuits etc....If they are the only game in town they can get the number of exp. breast implants or other types of plastic surgery.....you need to ask to see photos of their own patients and ask if they have any you can call to speak to. Bottom line is buyer beware....go to someone who has been established for awhile....not just started....new technology might have bad outcomes in a few years.....Smartlipo has a place for some people but IT SHOULD NEVER BE DONE ON ARMS OR ON A PLACE THAT IS HIGHLY VISIBLE....IT LEAVES THE SAME DIMPES AND PITS THAT ANY LIPO DOES..... I have now spent another $3000 on radiofrequency on arms....Accdent feels good but does not last over a few days. Excilis actually will help smooth the damage that the smartlipo does....need at least 4 sessions....and then at least a fraxil laser treatment just to try and undo the horrible damage smartlipo does to arms:-) And you are dreaming if you think you will ever win a lawsuit on elective cosmetic surgery and doctors do not refund $$$$$ for this kind of surgery.....Disappointed in doctor as well as smartlipo
It is Paul Drago...Could someone tell me if the lawyer for the class action suite has gotten back to anyone? I only have till May,2010...
this wasn't my doctor, maybe results are different, my body never reacts normally to much.
Paul Drago

Check the credentials of doctor you are choosing...on the deepest level you can...I thought I did,,,But unfortunately, he wasn't who I thought he was..Has many allegations against him..

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