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I had an Obagi peel when I was 41 (I am now 58),...

I had an Obagi peel when I was 41 (I am now 58), for hyperpigmentation on my upper lip and other areas. Using Retin-A and Obagi products to prepare for it made my skin red, flaky, dry - it was awful to have to look so bad two months in advance of the procedure. I think they shortened the preparation time since then. My face puffed up horribly (I was unrecognizable) after the procedure, then gradually the skin shed, like a lizard sheds its skin, over what felt like a loooong time, maybe two or three weeks. Some areas did not shed, but rather the skin "stuck" - I was told not to pull at the shedding/peeling skin or it could scar, so I was fastidious about not doing that. My skin looked refreshed at the end of the process, and the hyperpigmentation was gone from my face, but guess what? It reappeared on my neck, where it remains to this day! My friend, who had this done at the same time as me by the same doctor, had it redone a year later. I will not re-do it, EVER!
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Igot blue peel done yesteday. I actually went to for dot laser for my deep acne scars.. I am asian indian woman they did spot check 10 days ago and said blue peel is better than laser.. I had 3 layers done.. the office is closed..i am very dissapointed with them..they never educated waht to expect. i had 3 layers done and i see black patches, i hope they go away..all she told me is use oblagi cleaning to clean my face and if it burns tolereen.. all i am learing from reading this blog..i washed and using a sunscreen even in house.. did anyasian woman do dot laser.. please help if anyone had black spots after treatment on next day..I panicked and call them and doctor on call told me it is normal..i feel skinalastic in plano should spend more time and give a discharge paper on instruction after care..i am totally disappoint. earlier i got fraxel at the time of discharge..i dont remember the place where i got done..they had a discharge paper and had a sheet what to expect.. really scared if my dark spots are permant
I had the obagi peel done in 1997, it took forever to peel & heal (longer than my doctor had mentioned; more like a year to get back to a normal skin tone). It was a traumatic procedure to heal from, but now that it has been 11 years later-The obagi blue peel did minimize the deep pitted acne holes & large pores from teenage acne damage; blotch skin tone; The only negative thing I have to say is that because my doctor didn't put any obagi chemical peel around my eye area - I now have serious dark CIRCLES just like a RACOON around both eyes; or two big black eyes; I know these dark circles are the old skin & color of what my skin tone use to be; The texture of the skin around my eyes doesn't match the obagi peeled skin from the rest of my face. I am seeking to go & get another obagi peel done because my skin tone is horrible, NO thanks to having the TCA peel done late 2007-the TCA peel brought back the uneven, hyper dark pigmented-blotchy tone again on my entire face. So if anyone can relate to this - let me know; or if someone had a correction procedure done to correct the black eye results from the obagi blue peel let me know; I have tried all kinds of bleaching agents at the highest % & nothing has worked. I gather this time before getting the obagi blue peel done I will ask if the doctor can focus the peel closer to around both eyes as to get rid of the two dark black circles around both of my eyes.
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