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I am thin and at an ideal BMI, but have always had...

I am thin and at an ideal BMI, but have always had a problem with cellulite.  I had 12 treatments done.  There were absolutely no results at all.  I was so disappointed and it was expensive for what is really a machine given massage.  They did not offer any compensation or extension of treatments like some people say other places offered.  Not that it would help but you would think with absolutely no results there should be some form of compensation or offer to extend treatment.  Also, they expected you to tip $10-$15 after each treatment which is pretty ridiculous for such an expensive treatment.  I didn't realize this until after I paid $1100 for the treatments up front.  I have read that it helps if the person who does your treatment maneuvers the machine correctly so it may have been the fault of the girl who did it.  This is yet again another disappointing proceedure claiming to improve the appearance of cellulite. I strongly urge you to think twice before doing this treatment.

The only thing that ever made my cellulite totally go away is exercise, but a lot of exercise.. I'm 23 years old and I have always always had cellulite. I'm 5"7 and 125 but my cellulite on the back of my thighs has only gone away when I run or walk a whole lot, which makes me go down to about 115 lbs. Rollerblading is really good too.. If you rollerblade just 45 minutes a day you will burn 700 calories. That's like half of what someone eats a day. Also I use Jergins easyglow firming lotion.. it's only about 7 dollars and a tan always makes you look slimmer whether the firming stuff works or not.
I never thought of that. They should have mentioned that though. They never said anything about the firmness of my skin or age being a factor.
So frsutrating! I am only 23 years old and also, as you mentioned many would say you're "skinny," same here. I am almost 5'10" and fluctuate between 135 and 140 pounds and have 16% body fat which low for a woman! but I cannot get rid of my cellulite! I have tried the endermologie and it didn't work as well. I was wondering where on your guys' body yours is though. I only get it on my thighs and butt, nowhere on my stomach or arms, but its so frustrating, I work out hard! Any chance you guys have found something that works?
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No results, expensive, added costs ($10-$15) with tipping each visit. Did not care that there were no results.

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