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Two years ago I lost my husband and re entered the...

Two years ago I lost my husband and re entered the workforce feeling old, worn and tired. After seeing the commercial about Lifestyle lift I scheduled an appointment and a week later had the procedure done.

I feel rejeuvenated and would not have changed that decision for anything. I am 59 but I don't have to feel like it. This procedure gave me a healthy looking uplift I am proud of!


You look WONDERFUL! I've scheduled a LSL, laser and lower-eye procedures to be done in Dallas and would love knowing your doctor is the same one who will be helping me -- Dr. S. I see nothing but positive reviews regarding the DFW office. That is very comforting and encouraging. All the beautiful photos allows me to truly anticipate my own experience. May God grant me the same success.
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You have good skin anyway. I'm curious as to how your ears are, incision wise?
You do look good and I am happy for you
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Congrats on your lovely result. I'm so glad to hear you got the "pick me up" you needed (pun intended ;).

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