Unsure Which Surgeon to Choose - Detroit, MI

Hi there, I am a 21 year old male from the metro...

Hi there, I am a 21 year old male from the metro detroit area.

So I have recently seen 2 board certified plastic surgeons and I am truly stumped on which to choose or if either have answered my question. Leaving both their offices I am not completely sure what they want to do with my nose, which is making me a little uneasy. I will further elaborate on each below.

One of the surgeons told me I am seeking perfection and it might not be attainable. He also did not show me any office photos due to privacy of patients and told me to check out the online photos (a little strange to me but understandable?). He said he would perform an open rhinoplasty on me and said 30% of his patients are male. Additionally he performs 1-2 rhinoplastys a week and on his website it says he has done thousands. He is very credible and teaches residents. What I like about him is he listened to what I had to say and that open rhinoplasty allows more room for addressing my droopy tip issue.

The second facial plastic surgeon does only closed rhinoplast surgeries and facelifts (that's all). He has done thousands and has been in the business for over 20 years. He however mentioned that my droopy tip would not be able to be corrected which is one of my main concerns and him saying that confused me since his posted pictures online show improvement in the tips of patients. This consult seemed a little more rushed and he is a busy physician and performs rhinoplastys very often. They booked me ASAP and he has 4 other rhinoplastys that week (one earlier in the day then me). He ALSO provides free revisions, as he claims his goal is to make patients happy and since he does not work out of a hospital he is able to do it for cheaper. BUT, he did not really have me speak about what I would like to improve about my nose and rather jumped into what he thought and would he would and can do with it.

What are your thoughts? I would very much appreciate it.
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Hi, Hockeystar! I am also looking into a Detroit-based doctor for my rhino. The only thing I know so far about my preferred doc is what I've seen on his website. By chance does your doc have initials M.F.? I understand if you don't want to share names, but it'd be great if you could. I'm about five and a half hours away and I'm not sure about committing to a distant physician. I hope this post reaches you! Thanks for your time!
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Hi there, Yes my doc did have those initials. I am 3 weeks post op and feel great. I'm also pretty satisfied with my results but I almost wish he took a little more from my tip. However, I'm also a male and he said he wasn't going to do much on my nose and he was right I didn't need much but definite improvement and tip isn't droopy (main concern).
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Check out this list of questions to ask your prospective surgeons. They should be able to answer all of them to your satisfaction. I don't understand the doc not having before and afters in his office but having them online...I would be wary if you don't get to see lots and lots of photos of his work.

Please keep us updated on your process!

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Hi Angie, I appreciate the support. Both are great physicians, I think I'm going to schedule another consult with them and let them know exactly what I would like done and if they can achieve that. I have this phonr app which allows you to make adjustments to your features and so I plan on showing them my 'ideal' nose. I also will definitely be looking at more of their in office photos otherwise ill try another physician.
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I would keep searching the Internet to find and read reviews of these doctors (make sure you read filtered Yelp reviews). Take your time as the results are permanent so you really want to make sure they are on the same page as you. If you're still not sure, schedule another consult with them. That's why digitial imaging is a great tool so that you can discuss each change while he is creating the new image. If you still not sure about either one, go on more consults with other doctors, even if you have to pay for consults or travel. In the end, it is still cheaper than paying for a revision. Good luck.
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Hi Faith2012, I appreciate your comment. The thing for me is, both doctors seem to have grey reviews and I like the images of the rhinoplasties they have done online. I'm just not sure I asked them all the questions I should have. And the second surgeon, as I said is supposed to be one of the best around town (having done over 7500) of them. But he just didnt really ask what I wanted and with a closed procedure, I'm not sure he'll be able to address the tip issue I have with my nose. Thanks
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Keep doing your homework and don't let anyone pressure you into doing this sooner than later.  There are other surgeons to choose from.  I only had 2 consults and wish I would have went on more and done a lot more research.  Glad you found RealSelf as you can find a lot of info on here.  Try this link:  http://www.realself.com/question/how-do-find-best-rhinoplasty-surgeon-0   Best of luck to you.  Thanks for sharing your experience with us and I hope you keep us updated.

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