Artefill After CO2 - Detroit, MI

I had full face co2 2 weeks ago now on to Phase...

I had full face co2 2 weeks ago now on to Phase two which is artefill. anyone have any advice? the Co2 didn't give me the results I was hoping 4. I hope this will. This is no reflection on my doctor he is amazing there was just so much damage from: sun, drinking, smoking, picking, cancer yada yada yada those years are gone but they certainly left their main concerns are acne scars on chin and nose and those nasty ( ) wrinkles. They are deep. Will this help? Should I try botox first as its not permanant.
I've been getting Artefill injections for the last 3 years and am very happy with results. I only do 2 viels at a time. With this product you do not get results right a way, The product takes 3-6 months before you see results. It forces your body to produce more collegen, your own collegen. I had some problems with the lumps but they are not visible, I can feel them and they go away after time. Under the care of the right doctor Artefill is wonderful! Expensive but permanent.
DON"T do artefill! Permanent filler equals permanent risks. It really is true. Not worth it plus it takes tons to get a good effect. It will not lift or even do anything, believe me. Get temporary fillers if it's lifting (slight though) or filling you want, and really do not bother with botox as I don'[t think you'll be any happier with that than with CO2.

Here is some info that might help point you in the right direction :)

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Let us know which way you decide to go!!

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