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I've finally decided to undertake this procedure...

I've finally decided to undertake this procedure to expose my lifelong hidden crease as I'm finding my eyes have definitely become more tired over the years. I've been inspired by other realselfers who have had the courage to go ahead with procedures to make themselves feel better. I hope the procedure will give me increased energy first thing in the morning as they say you feel the way you look! For me I want to look more alive and energetic first thing in the morning so that I can be more alive and energetic the first thing in the morning! My biggest battle now is to determine a board certified facial/oculoplastic surgeon who can realise this dream of mine! Been tossing up between doctors from the States, Korea and Singapore. Although the websites from Korea shows better before/after results, my reasoning tells me that the American doctors would be the "safer" option. What do other realselfers think?
Definitely an American doctor if you do not speak another language. Read all their reviews. Bring in pictures if how you want your crease to look. I got mine done in the states and the doctor completely F it up. So read reviews from Soompi and Purse forum and here. If they only have 5-7 reviews then stay away. Good luck. If you're in GA I would reccomend dr Achih Chen.
Thanks for that lunastella. I'm sorry to hear of your mishap. Really hope you're able to get a satisfactory revision. The reason I'm leaning towards American PS is because of their higher standard of medical registration/certification. I don't know how many of the Asian doctors who perform eyelid operations for aesthetic purposes actually have plastic (not cosmetic) surgery qualifications, let alone ENT/ophthalmology board certification. I prefer to trust my eyes to someone who has a thorough specialised plastic medical understanding of the facial/eye region. If that PS turns out to have lots of experience performing Asian eyelid operation, that's gotta be a bonus. At this stage, I would like have consults with Dr John JW Lee in Philadelphia, Drs Chase Lay, Charles Lee and Donald Yoo of Calif. And then decide from there. I'll check out Dr Chen's website.

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