Sticker Shock and Labored with Anxiety How to Pay - Destin, FL

I really was not expecting the quoted fee. I...

I really was not expecting the quoted fee. I waited 1 year to get the nerve to make a consult and wanted most reputable doc in my area for best price. It ended up an additional 3 weeks for a consult. The Dr steamrolled through my consult as fast as possible and sent me to a hardball accountant. No implants. Just lift and tuck and was hoping for lipo but charging almost as much for that as breast lift. 15,300 when I expected package discount or SOMETHING. It's pay cash or finance with a 15%APR. feeling discouraged. Surgery is set for Feb 25. 24 days away.

I met with another doctor and liked him but I decided to give original doctor another shot so I made a 2nd consult with him again to see if we could get on same page together. I felt much more confident and excited after the 2nd consult and decided to proceed with him and I'm glad I did. I like the results and his treatment so far. I am 2 days post op.
Oh congrats!!!!! Hope you heal quickly!! :)
Agree!!! At least go to more consults!! I even lost a $500 scheduling fee with a surgeon because I cancelled and went elsewhere. It was worth losing $500 to be more comfortable and trust my dr.
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