30 Year Old Mom/Wife/Student/Employee Lost It and Trying to Get It Back - Destin, FL

I am looking for the right Procedure as well as...

I am looking for the right Procedure as well as the right Doctor and Location to perform it. I originally wanted to have the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, but after reading through some of the reviews, I'm not totally convinced that the BBL procedure is worth it. The recovery, down time, risks, and costs seem to tremendously outweigh the results and final product. I feel as though once I'm down to a size that I'm more than comfortable with, then I would like to have the liposuction procedure (traditional lipo, because I hear its the most effective way) to tighten everything up and give me my preteen/teenager waistline. I have recently gained a lot of weight, after an ectopic pregnancy 6 months ago, that I can not seem to shake but I know its extremely important to lose weight in order for me to get the results I have in my mind to achieve. I am currently 5' 3/4" and I weigh 174lbs. At my happiest I weighed 148lbs with a 31 inch waist. I took other measurements and I will post them later. I measure about 12 places on my body. If anyone has any ideas, tips and/or suggestions PLEASE let me know. Thanks so much,

U will know what is right for your body. Good luck.

30 year old Mom/Wife/Student/Employee...lost it and trying to get it back

I went to Miami to Premiere Center for Cosmetic Surgery. Dr Howard Robinson. Both Tampa/Miami location offer in house financing 98% is approved. His work is perfect. You can get financing no credit check on any procedure. This helps save you $$$. Call ask for Melanie at the Tampa location. Tell her Dana Rogers referred you and you'll get a discount.
thanks so much!! thats very helpful...

Updated Pics

Updated pics and hopefully motivation for me to get back into the best shape possible so that when I am able to get my surgery, I can render the best results possible
hey any updates? hope all is well!
My opinion I would wait until I finish graduate from school to have any work done on me especially liposuction. Just going to school, study, kids and take care home is a lot of work. When are you going to find time after the procedure to focus on yourself while you in school. Once you have the procedure its lifestyle change in many ways. To be honest with you you have a beautiful figure I think if you eat healthy and workout I would think you will see progress. The reason I am saying all this because I graduated in May 2014 and I gained weight especially last semester of school. Although I work out my eating habit was bad just from studying and stress. Oh! Writing research papers like crazy. Now, I would like to have liposuction on my inner & outer thighs and stomach in Sept or Oct but first I am going lose the weight to get my goal weight and take it from there. Good Luck
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