Tummy Tuck - Jan 23rd

My surgery is on Tuesday, Jan 7th. Getting pretty...

My surgery is on Tuesday, Jan 7th. Getting pretty nervous now. Will take pics tomorrow. I am not sure what else to put here. I saw 3 plastic surgeons before deciding on Ganske and went with him because of his low key old fashioned approach. I didn't feel like he was trying to up sell me other procedures and was very direct.

Surgery Postponed - and pics

My surgery was postponed because I had a low grade fever and Dr. Ganske was concerned that I could be coming down with something. He was so right. I am very, very, thankful that he said no. By that afternoon my fever had gone up and I have had a terrible cough ever since. I can't imagine trying to recover from a respiratory infection and a tummy tuck at the same time. The nerves have kicked in and I have had serious second thoughts about doing this. My surgery has been rescheduled for Jan 23rd.

Pregnancy Photo

With my second child, my belly grew to be 56" around. I am only 5"0. He was transverse, with extra amniotic fluid. I was huge. I had another baby two years later, healthier pregnancy, but still a huge belly. I do still have weight to loose. But the more weight I loose the worse my belly feels because it is just skin hanging.
Dr. Gregg Ganske

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You were supposed to have your surgery the same day as I did. Was hoping to see if you were going through the same ups and downs : ( I'm so happy that your dr post poned your surgery! You would have been miserable! Double up on your vitamins and take 1000mg of Vitamin C with Rutin. It promotes healing! That is what my PS told me to take 2 weeks prior and post surgery. Best of luck to you! Also, I wanted to cancel my surgery so many times, felt guilty and scared as heck!! But it's over before you know it and you need to do something for you! Enjoy being taken care of for a change too!
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Thank you for the comment! I found this site just a few days before my surgery, and hadn't really had time to figure out how to best use it. I am looking into it more now. This is a fantastic resource! As far as my surgery goes, I was not able to do it. I had a low grade fever and a cough and Dr. Ganske said no. I am so, so, so, glad that he did. I have been flat on my back ever since and haven't been this sick in a long time. He was concerned that I was coming down with something and felt it was better to wait. He was correct. I am starting to feel a little better today and am so thankful that I am not coughing like this with a brand new tummy tuck. Surgery has been rescheduled for the 23rd. I will learn how to use this site and get some pictures uploaded. Thank you for the encouragement! I was having serious second thoughts (still am) and wondered if it was a bad idea to go through with this. Reading others stories has helped a lot. I plan to read a lot more in the coming week!
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Thinking about you and wanting to hear how you are doing today.  Check in when you are feeling up to it.
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Best wishes for your big day tomorrow! Thank you for sharing your experience.
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