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My dermabrasion was done in an outpatient surgery...

My dermabrasion was done in an outpatient surgery center by a plastic surgeon. I was put to sleep while it was done. My face was raw and took between one and two weeks to heal. Then my skin was red for months which had to be hidden with makeup. Then my face was somewhat hypopigmented and sunburned easily for the next two years.

My skin color or pigmentation slowly returned to normal over these two to three years after the dermabrasion. The results for fine lines and acne scars was very good. Now years later, people still compliment my skin. I still go to spas for various facials etc, but nothing they do compares to the significant results of dermabrasion. The longer term redness and hypopigmentation is for sure a drawback to having this done, but when you need significant results, the mini facial type options at spas can't compare.

Since I was asleep for it, of course I didn't feel anything. Afterward, I had a pain pill prescription and took half pills the first day or so. I remenber an uncomfortable feeling if an area was getting dry during the first week of healing and really had to glob on the ointment.


Are you still happy with your skin? I'm scheduled to have a full face dermabrasion done this December 12th. I've read so many bad reviews about this procedure and because of all the negative reviews that I've read I'm scared that I may regret having this done. although my doctor tells me that I'll be very happy. My husband thinks I'm crazy. He and everyone else does. But it's some thing I really want to do. If you have any advise I would love to hear from you.
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Good luck! I hope you do a review after your procedure if you choose to do it. I am hoping for more great experiences too.
Could you please share your physican's name?
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