Excellent Results, Worth the Pain.

Had bad acne as a teen which left scars, uneven...

Had bad acne as a teen which left scars, uneven skin, and purple marks from the "blood pockets". The dermabrasion made a dramatic change.

No more purple marks and much more even skin. Had a second dermabrasion at 42 years old. Wanted to remove the fine lines and even out the skin more from the old acne. The fine lines went away. The uneven skin got better but has never gone away entirely. I always get compliments on how beautiful my skin is. I wear no face makeup. Only use c-syrum, moisturizers and sunscreen. The procedure is painful for about a week.

I want to address the cost of the procedure. My Father was a surgeon the first time and had a collegue do the procedure for free. The second procedure my Father was the Plastic Surgeon.

What kind of Dermabrasion did you have done for ONLY $100.00 when I was quoted $2000.00?
The client said she had it done through family, so it was a discount, obviously.
And by the way, she chose $100 but says it was for free, but she had to choose a price, so picked $100, since there is no option for free -- though realself should give an option for "free/unknown". Sometimes people get a gift (like this, directly free) or get a gift through another (and don't know the price).
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