Dermabrasion 2009 - Dartmouth, MA

I had dermabrasion in 2009. no pain at all. didnt...

i had dermabrasion in 2009. no pain at all. didnt even take tylenol. however its been a month and see no results.

i had dermabrasion for enlarged pores. any one know how long it takes to see results?still a little red but not realy.

i had acne when i was younger about 13 im 27 now. i had a flare up of acne and was put on tetracycline and was gone in three days.

overall good experience good doctor is located in dartmouth, ma.

would really like to know how long til pores appear smaller....

where in uk can i have this treatment please - this is dermabrasion
I was actually warned that dermabrasion can sometimes have the side effect of making pores appear LARGER, not smaller, but that it's a risk worth taking for many of us who are trying to get rid of scarring. I'm sorry, but if you were told that dermabrasion was going to shrink your pores, then I'm afraid you were lied to. No reputable (or competent) surgeon ever claims he can make your pores smaller. Unfortunately, both abrasion and chemical peels can make cause some skins to develop an "orange peel" look after they heal. My doctor warned me about that straight up. Good luck.
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dr. did my breast implants very impressive.dont know about dermabrasion only been a month.

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