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It Does Work -Atlanta, Georgia

I've been using the dermaroller for four months...

I've been using the dermaroller for four months and I use it every day.My routine consist in 5 minutes of facial exersices first.Second I use my 1.5 mm all over the face and neck area, and then i finish it up with a massage with a face vibrator. Twice a week I use a neutrogena microdermabrasion unit ($30) to exfoliate the skin. I'm 45 and my skin has improve exponentially "With not exageration" and with a very minimal expense, just the time and a little bid of disconford.Also Take vitamin c, L-arginine, and vitamin B-3 eat fruts and exercise.

Facial exercises really work. As we age our skin...

Facial exercises really work. As we age our skin loses its elasticity and our muscles also lose some of its tone. We are all familiar with theses unpleasant signs of aging in our bodies, but many people don't realize that it's this same loss of elasticity and tone in our face and neck that causes us to look older. If you use the dermaroller along with the facial exercises the process will be quicker. Go to www.gabrizze-sport-depot.com and look for the skin care for men and women section for the program.
I'm glad you're having results, but the dermaroller (1.5 mm) is only meant to be used once per month. Collagen induction takes time.
The muscles in your face do not tighten through excercise. Those muscles are weight bearing muscles not the ones in your face. You can actually make your face saggy by doing too many facial stretchy excercises be carful. It's probably the dermaroller improving your skin
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