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Using Latisse for One Month

My lashes are so thin and short that I could not...

My lashes are so thin and short that I could not get a "before" shot, they just sort of looked like a gray blur in the photo. I have been using Latisse for one month now, and I am disappointed that I have seen not changes. But I am not giving up, all of my friends who use it say that they saw results by four weeks, but the box says to plan on seeing results in two months, so I am hoping for the best! I use a thin eyeliner brush to apply the product which works well for me. I will give an update after two months passes, or I start to see longer lashes, whichever comes first. BTW, I bought it online from Derma Health for $104, including shipping.

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Since this was an online provider, I gave them 5 stars for price and speed of shipping.

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Hang in there. I did not take photos for the same reason. .....I had no lashes to show up in the photo! I started noticing there was really a small difference at 6 weeks. From then on you can really see the difference on a weekly basis. At 8 weeks, I really started to get excited!
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Bummer to hear you haven't seen results yet. Hopefully soon!!

Since you mentioned buying your Latisse online, did they require a prescription?

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They required that I fill out a medical form regarding various health questions, medications etc. It then had to be submitted and approved for a prescription, then it was filled.
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Well it sounds like all has gone ok medically, so that is good. Did you have any concerns at all that the online forms might overlook something that would be picked up in an in-person visit, or did you feel completely comfortable with it?

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