Booked for 17th May! Not Sure to Get Under the Muscle or over the Muscle!

I am so so excited knowing I'm going to have...

I am so so excited knowing I'm going to have bigger boobs that iv always dreamed of! Being small for so long! Even worse now iv had my little girl they have just completely disappeared! Heart breaking!... Just need to see photos of 420cc under the muscle and over! I'm so undecided and want them to be right x
Goodluck with your surgery!
Hey thanks for the link, I will take a look :) he suggested under the muscle but will do over If its what I want! 15 days to go!! Xx

Thank you for sharing on RealSelf! Are you set up for recovery? Here is a link that may be of help: What to set up and buy before your breast aug surgery.  Did your surgeon suggest under or over the muscle? Keep us posted!

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Iv met the surgeon and he's lovely!

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