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I'm in my late 30's and have done four rounds of...

I'm in my late 30's and have done four rounds of Radiesse in the last year and a half.
The results are spectacular: instant cheekbones, less pronounced marionette lines and an overall more youthful appearance. The only BIG drawback is that it only lasts three months! So I plunk down $1500 every 4 months...yikes.

I've used Juviderm as well, but prefer the results of Radiesse. I've had it done maybe four times. My doc told me that you metabolize fillers at your body's normal rate, so those with a fast metabolism will burn through the fillers faster. Exercise (since it speeds up your metabolism) will also contribute to a shorter filler "life span". Just to clarify: after four months, it's not all gone, but enough is gone that a touch-up is in order.

I use botox and metabolize it fast - such a bummer when its so costly, huh?! It seems its not completely known for sure what causes someone to burn through fillers and Botox more quickly than other individuals, but here is a Q&A I think you might find interesting since we're on the subject:

Does Exercise Impact the Longevity of Botox and Other Fillers?


Oh wow, that is very surprising to hear it is only lasting you a few months. Do you mind me asking how many times you have had Radiesse injected, and if you have ever used any other fillers?

I'm so curious to hear, because from what I have understood a major benefit of Radiesse is how long it lasts, with the expectation being a year or better.

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