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Three Treatments and Still Sweating - Numb Too - Denver, CO

I had three MiraDry treatments, at levels 1, 3 and...

I had three MiraDry treatments, at levels 1, 3 and 5. For about 3 hours after the treatment I was totally dry under the arms, but then it slowly works its way back, and by that night the treatment is a failure and I am sweaty and smelly. I am wondering if MiraDry will reimburse me or if I should entertain a fourth treatment. My armpits and upper arms are probably permanently numb, but on the third treatment my left forearm went numb also. I hear people saying good things about this treatment, not so for me.

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Sorry to hear that your treatments are not working well.  I can definitely understand why that would be frustrating.  Here's a Q&A that was submitted by another community member experiencing numbness:

How Do You Know if a Nerve Was Hit During the Miradry Procedure?

Let us know what happens!


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