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A strong cautionary word of warning to anyone...

A strong cautionary word of warning to anyone considering this procedure. First off. It is extremely traumatic. Your lips will be butchered. I experienced a vagal response while having it done. The pain when I got home and the lidocaine wore off was horrible. I am no whimp having had fillings at the dentist with no novocaine as I react badly to it. It makes me pass out even hours later. My lips were swollen for 6 weeks despite following the rules to a tee. Despite that. The implants are extremely uncomfortable. Expect to have dry lips for months, if not for ever. Reason being the implants push your lips away from the glands that supply your lips with the neccesary oils to help keep them from drying out. My lips felt sore and horriby traumatized. They can actually take 6 months to a year to completely heal. Eating is an ordeal. You will slober as they dont have normal sensation, actually very little. I had mine remvoved today at the 7 week point. My Doc agreed they were too big, also my lips looked great with just a half vial of juviderm. I could have gone down a size, however I had decided I hated everything about them. They do not reshape your lips. Only give volume. Juviderm can give you a gorgeuos pout. I wasted 3 grand. Also know this. You will have a ducky distinct look that people cant help but notice. Another disturbing aspect is that it will enhance your nasolabial fold and age your profile unless you are very youthful. And by that I mean under 30. I have nothing to gain, only my advice and to help anyone from going through the same trauma and.expense that I did. I am a trama ICU nurse , so I am all about
helping people.

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His PA did this. Perfect job. Horrible product.

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I'm sorry that you had such a bad experience, but I think you're one of the unlucky few. I had mine done in 2009 and have had no problems: sensation is normal, never slobbered, moisture is normal, no pain except for a few days after surgery, and people have no clue that I have them unless I actually tell them. I am 37 years old and my lips look fantastic, absolutely no duck or fish face here; nasolabial folds are normal for my age. A few friends had it done as well, as they haven't had any issues. It sounds like you had nerve issues due to an inexperienced PA. Part of the battle is picking the right doctor by doing research. And are you seriously a trauma nurse, because you can't even SPELL 'trauma' correctly. Not sure if I am believing your story.
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Sorry you had all this trouble. I had mine done last yr and it was the best thing I ever did. I think who you pick to do it is very important. My lips were tender for 4 days and after that it got better. I was done in OR and put to sleep. Dont let anyone do this awake in the office under local!!!Yes..they dont change the lip shape. Mine do not look ducky...if te dr puts them too far foward they will. So the Dr is 75 % the problem. Good luck in your future endevors to get the lips you love!!!
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Thanks for sharing on RealSelf! I'm sorry you were so unhappy with the implants. That's really interesting about the dry lips as it's nothing I would have thought of. Glad the juve works well for you! Do you have photos of your lips that you'd be willing to share?

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I think you are the "unnormal" I love mine and have had not issues...sorry you are going through this, but I have had a great result....did you look up your doc and did you research how many he did before you went with this doc??
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Sorry "no issues"
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