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Latisse is Great, but You Have to Keep Using It - Denver

This product is definitely worth it, however, buy...

This product is definitely worth it, however, buy the X-Lash product. It's much less expensive & has the same active ingredients. Gotta remember to keep using it after the 16 weeks is up for maintenance, otherwise they get shorter again :-(


What website did you buy it off of? Looks so pretty btw
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It does work. Saw a difference after five days! Kind of like Minoxidil for eyelashes. Wonder why the Latisse people can't come up with something for scalp hair loss? Different type of follicle?
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This is the big disadvantage of latisse in which to have thicker, darker and taller eyelashes, you should use it for a long time and once you stop using it, within few weeks, your eyelashes returns to their pre-treatment status.
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