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Blurred vision for Lasik Enhancement. Doctor was a "No-Show" for 1 week Post-surgical Follow-up. - Littleton, CO

This enhancement ruined my vision in my dominant...

this enhancement ruined my vision in my dominant left eye. Dr. Rimer was supposed to see me for my 1 week follow-up and she failed to show. Instead, I was seen by a tech who told me I could discontinue my post-surgery eye medications and did not stress any follow-up appointments. Also, Dr. Rimer did not reschedule her missed one week post-surgery appointment with me. By the time I saw her a year later, the damage was done. I have corneal scarring and epithelial cells under the corneal flap. I now have reduced sensitivity in that eye due to the scarring and destruction of corneal nerves, which results in reduced tear production. This results in blurred vision. I have been trying restasis and other dry eye medications for 2 years now, but the haze and blurred vision still continues. I was never allowed to meet with Dr. Spivack to discuss everything, even though I requested it. I have only been allowed to meet with their optometrists.


should have spent more than $900 !?!?! and done more research

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@heatherlawson, I did do my research. Dr. Spivack, who performed the initial surgery, was voted one of the best lasik surgeons in the metro Denver area, but I never knew that he did not perform his own follow-up exams. Regarding the cost, I had already paid around $4,000 for the initial lasik surgery on both eyes. This was a 2nd surgery on my dominant eye, that was not at 20/20 as promised. It was an enhancement surgery and I elected to pay the extra money for a newly enhanced laser monitor. Usually, an enhancement surgery is free if they cannot get you to 20/20 the first time, so I paid even more than I should have. I am very upset about having permanent damage done to my dominant eye, due to poor follow-up procedures and advice.

Oh my gosh, I am so sorry to hear about your bad experience.

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Possibly permanently blurred vision in the enhanced eye. No 1 week follow-up appointment with a doctor, even though I was there for my appointment. Further follow-up was not stressed by tech and was advised to discontinue post-surgery medications without a doctor's recommendation. The optometrist, Dr. Rimer, did not show up for my one week post-surgical appointment and she did not reschedule for another 1 week post-surgical appointment.

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