First Treatment of a Two Year Contract - Some Difference Seen - Denver, CO

I have only had one treatment, but I could tell a...

I have only had one treatment, but I could tell a slight difference after one treatment.

A con is that I have a two year contract and I had not realized that it might not be safe to get pregnant while I was undergoing treatments. I am not planning on getting pregnant in the near future, but I was hoping to have a child within the next two years.

Is it safe to get laser hair removal treatment when you are pregnant or trying to conceive?

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I am not sure if I would recommend them because I feel a little like now that I have paid for the next two years, they don't really care about making sure I am happy with the results.

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There are no studies for pregnant women in regards to LHR. Most facilities will place a contract on hold for medical purposes. Personally I had a few treatments done while pregnant however I did not do anything near my stomach or bikini area and my son turned out fine.
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