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I'm going to have my moderate laugh lines filled. ...

I'm going to have my moderate laugh lines filled. Any suggestions on which filler might be suggested. I'm 52yo male who just had upper and lower eyelid surgery which is going rather well. I'm healing quite nicely except for little irritations like eye twitching and rubbery feeling to my upper lids.


Thanks for sharing- I would assume your doctor will suggest the appropriate filler to use.  Are you going to the same doctor that did your eyelid surgery?
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I'm going to see what my same doctor has to say about fillers. Hopefully the outcome (if I choose) won't be as painful. ;o
Ha ha ha I would hope it is way less painful- let us know what you decide to do and what your doctor says!


I'll be seeing my PS on Wednesday to discuss what options I have regarding fillers for my laugh lines. But as the appt. nears I'm beginning to have reservations. Of coarse I felt this way before my lower bleph surgery. Maybe it's just nerves. I don't to report any bad outcome, if I have the procedure. :0


I went to see my PS on Wednesday and we discussed fillers, It was recommended that I be filled with Juvederm for my laugh lines I agreed because I had been doing research on that particular filler. The only thing that concerns me is having a reaction, I been told it could activate cold sores or even worse shingles, as I've had shingles and they are very painful blisters. We then discussed getting and "S" shaped lift or mini lift where the surgeon goes around the ear to lift jowls, laugh lines and marionette lines which I'm starting to get. I mentioned that I'd think about all that was mentioned. Anyone out there had bad reactions to Juvederm or this so called mini lift? Any suggestions is appreciated. Thanks.
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Let us know how it goes on Wednesday- I hope everything goes well!

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Well I'm going in for a consultation this Thursday for a mini lift. I asked my PS about fillers and he said the fillers would not work for my parentheses lines and that I had jowling which would only be corrected by a mini lift. The lift would also correct my parentheses and mild marionette lines. I'll let all know how the consult turns out.

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