Worth Every Penny! (Age 35) - Denver, CO

I'm 35 now and 33 when started Invisalign. I...

I'm 35 now and 33 when started Invisalign. I had an overbite before and very pushed in upper front teeth, as well as very crooked lower teeth.

I have been in Invisalign for over 2 years now and I have found that it has really been a very easy process overall. My smile and teeth look beautiful now and when I look back at old pictures I just cringe at the thought of how they used to look. I love my teeth and smile now and it has given me so much more confidence to smile now! Well worth it and very little pain involved!

Dr. Haskins

Dr. H has been great with communication and listening to my needs and goals.

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your teeth look great!
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You look fantastic!
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Glad to hear you're doing it! Yea the first few are a little tough but they do get easier as time goes by. No foolin' they really do. You'll find that certain aligners are worse than others too. I just took Ibuprofen when it felt like a lot of pressure and that really helped. Good luck and you WILL reap the rewards guaranteed!
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You look beautiful - congratulations! Am on my very first set of aligners and am finding it a bit painful, so it's great to see how lovely the results can be!
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Your teeth look great! I'm glad it went well for you!
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You look lovely!
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