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Exilis Painful - Denver, CO

I just finished my first exilis treatment on my...

I just finished my first exilis treatment on my jawline and abdomen and thought it was just bearable. The redness lasted for 8 hours and now 3 days later I still have some swelling. My jawline looks worse and my abdomen is 1 inch larger than before. I followed all the directions, but none of these things were supposed to happen. I am scheduled to go in again next week since I bought a package, but I really don't want to - maybe it's just me. . .


@ sg - In spite of all the doctors and spa owners claiming there are NO side effects and claiming how safe it is, I am a patient who has actually done the Exilis procedure and I am having MANY side effects! By the evening of my first appointment, I was in severe pain. I had as much pain as I did after having surgery. My lower abdomen was so swollen, I looked as if I was six months pregnant. A few days later, I found a knot in my lower abdomen. It is currently 21 days after my treatment and my stomach is still swollen and I still look pregnant. The knot has increased in size. To my knowledge, Exilis is FDA approved for WRINKLES, but not for fat removal. It was only approved for wrinkles in late 2009. There is not enough research to truly KNOW all the side effects, in my opinion. I believe there will eventually be a lot of people who will come forward with many different side effects. Most spas and doctors who are making a large amount of MONEY with the Exilis will NOT advertise anything but GOOD results. They have a very biased opinion. I personally, would NEVER recommend Exilis. My health means way more to me than that!
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I also had Exilis and am tender and swollen - would you mind sharing the doc? Wondering if we are going to same place
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Hi sg -- So sorry to hear about the pain you're having. Has it gotten any better this week?

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