Disappointed with Smoothshapes for Cellulite on Thighs

I had 9 smoothshapes laser treatments for...

I had 9 smoothshapes laser treatments for cellulite on my thighs. Unfortunately I did not get before and after pictures due to the camera not working. However, my husband and I see absolutely no visible difference. I feel this was a waste of money.

The laser spa where i had it has posted a before / after picture of a woman who clearly lost a lot of weight during the procedures and it really is (in my opinion) false advertising - not due to the laser. I am disappointed but hopeful someday a stronger laser will be approved that works better.

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It was not the provider but the treatment itself that didn't work.

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had cellulite on the backs of my legs and really wanted it off. I am a 30 year old, white, female, 5 7", 125lbs. I literally see NO difference what so ever. This was a huge waste of money as it was a lot for me to spend. I do not recomend it to anyone

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Dear Aging Julie,
Thank for your sharing your experience. It's important for us to know if people aren't finding procedures beneficial. Only then can we give realistic expectations. I would worry if our patients were too polite to say they thought the treatment was useless.
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Yes I had 9 done and thought it was a waste of money. In the very moment in the treatment, I think the technicians see results, but by the next day the fat absorbs back into the cells and it really has no real affect. I have had two plastic surgeons admit to me that they really don't have very good results with these treatments except for post lipo smoothing and healing. I would advise people to not waste their money still.
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I agree with laserlady and laserdoc. Our experience here at the med spa has been really really good!!! We haven't had anyone complain about not liking their treatments. We sell them in a package of 10.
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I agree with laserlady: we have had excellent results with Smooth Shapes and patients have stated they are satisfied and sign up for additional body areas. However, we did buy the new machine which is 50% stronger than the previous Smooth Shapes laser. It became available in June 2010. We also find it very useful as a pre- and post- Lipotherme procedure to enhance its results. Usually we don't see success until 6 treatments, but have 8 treatments as our protocol. Hope this helps.
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I am sorry you had such a negative experience! It does not match my experience at all! SmoothShapes has been a very effective treatment for myself as well as our clients. Before and After photos are a must with any aesthetic treatment, and a medical spa or laser spa who does not take before and after photos should be a warning sign. With the SmoothShapes treatment measurements of the treatment area should be taken before and after as well. Loss in circumference is very common and is an indicator the treatment is working. The treatment protocol can vary depending on age, health, lifestyle and severity of cellulite, however is generally 8-10 treatments for a good result. The treatment is not for everyone - if you are more than 15 to 20 pounds over weight your results will be affected. If you have lymphatic issues it won't work. Overall, I have been very impressed with SmoothShapes personally and as an aesthetic professional.
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