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I'm 18 yrs old from denver colorado, and have been...

I'm 18 yrs old from denver colorado, and have been a 32B since beginning of high school and although I'm young, knowing that I'm pretty much done growing I've wanted a BA. I've wanted implants for the longest time, even while I was still growing. I don't know why but I think about it all the time. I'm just not satisfied with my breasts. I've always been interested in implants. Since this is such an open discussion web site. Which I appreciate. Take a look for yourself at my picture and let me know what you think. Still studying a lot about this procedure and I don't quite have a date for surgery, won't for awhile. But I've been told going through the armpit is the best.


Thank you for sharing on RealSelf. I think you look fabulous as is. I'd wait.

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Hey, I do not think you're a 32 B! Have you tried measuring yourself? I was wearing a 34 A for years. It turned out I was actually a 28 F! Try googling "A Sophisticated Pair's" bra calculator. I think you would be surprised. Even on a 32 band, I think you'd fit in a 32 D. Second of all, I am almost 20, and my boobs grew last year at 19 by almost a cup size. I am getting a BA because my breasts have been uneven since developing and that won't change regardless of if they both get bigger, my doctor confirmed. But if I were just considering a BA for a general increase in size, I would perhaps wait. Another benefit of waiting is that 22 is the age where you can get silicone, which looks and feels way more natural than saline (generally speaking). I personally would be thrilled to have boobs that looked like yours! Honestly--they're not small! They look perfectly proportional. This coming from a girl near your age. Not trying to discourage you--but I think you could still have growth in store! Plus, you're not small-chested as far as I can see. You look perfect, and your boobs are perky and a nice shape. Anyway, that's my unsolicited opinion. Going thru the armpit isn't necessarily best; can result in poor placement/infection. Also, you can do that incision with saline only. Check out for more info, it is a forum where you can discuss implants w/ other women going through the process. I wish you all the best, I just hope you will take a look in the mirror and realize you are beautiful! Your breasts are lovely, and not at all small! Looks like a good handful to me. Good luck :)
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Hey girl!! I also live in Colorado!, Have u met wit any doctors yet?! Dr Ben lee is going to be doin my surgery hopefully early next year. Hes a great doctor an reasonably priced also :) an offers free consults!
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